If you are in your sixties, don’t let Unfaithful break your heart.


Reuben Christian Iyamu married Befaithful Coker on month day 1994, at marriage place, Florida.

They divorced on month day 1995, at divorce place, Florida.


Norbert Moemeka

There is no record of the date of their marriage or their devorce, but now Mr. Moemeka is the   Managing Partner,of  Heland Consulting Santa Fe, New Mexico Area,.  We also know that he was fighting for custody of his son in the court case you reviewed.   He is a usiness Process Engineer skilled in Software Implementation




Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

The George Washington University – School of Business

University of Lagos

At least Unfaithful picks men highly educated or with money and she gets the support required for her children.

We were told that Bea Coker also might have a “father disorder” because she has been dating men at least 20 years older than herself.  One man purchased an engagement ring that was huge and she broke her engagement and he was heartbroken.

Not knowing if Lofton’s so called investor is the Belk Store Mogal, but those in Lake City state he is, she now has found a new squeeze whose heart she can break if she does not get what she wants.

Also I have noted Georgia Newspaper have picked up news about Bea Coker and her intent to sue everyone.  She definitely has moved around and obviously is news worthy.

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