I have more faith in a new Town Manager catching on faster than everyone else believes

It appears that some people believe that if we have a new Manager, it will take that Manager at least six months to find out about the town so they can be an effective Manager. I do not believe this for a moment This is my opinion:

First, the Council will have to set forth a plan of what they wish their new Manager to handle or where they wish to see White Springs in a year from now. It is not up to the Council to detail a Plan of Action but to verbalize what they wish and the Manager will handle the rest .

That manager should not be basing his or her information on verbal hearsay or other information. That is what got us to this point and why things have not changed in at least two decades

The Manager should interview each and every employee and make a determination if they are effective employees and performing to the best of their ability. Interviewing each council member separately as well will give the Manager an idea of what he or she must deal with.

We know the Manager must secure a new bookkeeper and possibly additional assistance for which any and all of us would be willing to give our time to help.

But do I believe that it will take someone six months to know White Springs? No I do not. A manager needs to start by interviewing employees and determining who the players are. If that is not the case they are gone. He or she needs to clean house as they see fit in accordance with the dictates of the council. Personally, I believe anyone can just jump into a job. It takes a while to learn all computer systems and the like but as to Managing, it should be a breeze.

Even when I moved around, the only areas of retraining pertained to new computer systems and the like and I do not believe anyone coming into that job will have a problem, in my opinion. It is not the Town Manager’s job to do grunt work but to assure the Town is running like a fine timepiece It won’t hurt him or her to learn everyone’s job, but it is not necessary immediately. The rest will be given to him or her by staff or the councilors. We also cannot micromanage the Town Manager.

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