Hypocrisy in its Finest!

It is amazing what politicians will do to make certain they look good to the public. We also know that most of the public does not wish to be bothered with the day by day operations and a majority do not understand the nuances of the law nor specific business specifications. Most just like to leave it to their elected officials, but that becomes more and more of joke since our politicians keep pulling the wool over your eyes and working for their benefit and not yours.

I am certain you remember how our blog reported much on the Local Option Fuel Tax and how it was misspent. Helen Miller was full throttle in providing us with all of the goods so that we could show you what a poor job Rhett Bullard was doing as well as Stacy Tebo. We, on behalf of Mayor Miller and the Department of Transportation, contacted every government agency and Senator Montford, who knew we were in violation, lied on behalf of Rhett Bullard and our CPA of course, wrote things that were definitely in conflict with the law. We thought she really was going to change and definitely was going to abide by the laws, but now we find she is doing everything Rhett and Stacy did, but covering it up by moving things around.

We previously mentioned, in another article, that she hid the fact that we did move general fund money from the Enterprise Account, and far more than just $55,000. Instead of showing it up front, she had Ms. Tebo place administrative salaries in the Enterprise Fund which should have been paid through the General Fund of some $80,000.

To give you an example, by placing the “clerk” in the Enterprise account, if one were using a workers’ compensation definition, she would be perceived to have the same exposure as Ray Vaughn at the Sewer and Wastewater plants, instead of a low rate applying to clerical office employees. And that would follow with the General Liability coverage as well. What a joke.

But that is not the worse, just like what Rhett and Stacy had done by including salaries under Street and Roads so that the Local Option Fuel Tax money again can be misused for other purposes other than street or road construction or reconstruction. Instead, our workers don’t build roads nor do they reconstruct roads. Placing sand and gravel in our pot holes don’t really do it. And what these workers have done is basically that as well as mowing grass and picking up some debris. Like I said it is a Landscape Gardening classification, which in Florida is specified as “Street or Road Construction – Beautification Work and Drivers” Code 0042.

Code 0042 carries a far lower rate in Workers Comp and General Liability than Code 5506 “Street or Road Construction – Paving or Repaving; and drivers – temporary location. If our employeed workers were paving and repaving or doing subsurface Work Code 5507, then they would fall under the Local Option Fuel Tax Restricted Fund but now that Helen Miller is the Mayor, she seems to believe that maintain roads and streets falls under the definition of “Transportation” and even told everyone that we could fix sidewalks. What? Joe told her “No” but our illustrious attorney who was a litigator and who would be able to fight both sides, even as a lie, sat there and said nothing, and Ms. Logan surely knew that Mayor Miller was wrong!

I have worked with attorneys most of my insurance career in MN, NV and ND and never, never did I see the corruption I have seen in White Springs and for the total disregard of laws. The truth of the matter is that our Town is Broke and in order to look good, our Politicians will use what they can to make the budget look good, even if it means stealing from the public by not using the money the way it was designated to be used; for construction or reconstruction. But wait, Helen Miller did nothing wrong, she had two patsies to handle the matter and be blamed. Tommie Jones and Michael Whitehead.

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