Harold Emrich responded after he left without applying for Town Manager on mty fb

Ms. Karin,
Re: “Supreme Court decision”
PROFESSIONAL COURTESY is not a matter of case law, it is about one’s core values.

Apparently Mr. Emrich is or was upset as to the law which allowed all candidates to hear each others interviews. Now I am uncertain why it is that he wrote to me but there are only two reasons 1) What the mayor may have told him once he arrived back in Tallahassee or 2) When I indicated that it was common for more than one agent to be in a room to sell a product. It had nothing to do with core values or professional courtesy. I never had anything to hide from anyone else and I guess I did not understand his complaint and reluctance to apply.

Personally I would have been more upset with the bickering prior to the interview sessions by council members than speaking in front of other applicants. In my opinion, if one is a strong applicant it doesn’t matter who is listening. Furthermore my husband made it clear he was not going to run but suggest we hire Emrich but as it is, even though I will be 73, Mr. Emrich sounds a lot older than me in his views by reason that he is not able to transition himself to go with the flow..

Karin for the blog

By the Way Tommie Jones left immediately after the complaint and Joe had already told Mr. Emrich he did not wish the job so I do not know what the problem was. Very sensitive with a different core of values that is ancient.

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