Get Real White Springs – Get rid of our inadequate police department

This topic will not set well with the Brazils, but frankly, emotion and because one is friends with the police officers in White Springs, does not mean we should not consider the benefits of eliminating our worthless corrupt police department.

Look at who we have here; Tracy Rodriquenz who is the biggest liar in White Springs and her Lieutenant who will lie for her as a result. They are purely biased and haven’t a clue about real law enforcement in my opinion and I have been around many an officer and detective in my day. When these officers started with White Springs, they had previous jobs where they quit or were fired. In most cases, those that join our police department, can’t find other jobs and we understand that is the case with Lieutenant Marsh right now. But aside from the bias, lack of true law enforcement and the continual lies, per stats, White Springs should have 1.5 police officers; not four. Our Town is small and many towns our size have one chief and the highway patrol or sheriff’s deputies assist when necessary.

Joe secured a quotation from the Sheriff’s Department a few years back. It was for $150,000 for two officers covering 13 hours a day. Right now the Police Budget is $198,761.44 and frankly, what is it that they do. I am not certain Tracy Rodriquenz even got her license back because another surgery was required. And since she has been with the town for 10 years and has done a really sloppy job policing, why not keep her as the assistant manager under our consultant Tommie Jones? The two of them could lie to each other all day long and Tracy could make probably as much money as she is making now, but she may have to work a bit. No one else wants to work with Jones and she would be the logical one to do so.

I realize everyone feels we have to get our officers into the State retirement fund but frankly it just costs more money. The Brazils were adamant that we should do so to not lose officers but frankly, we shouldn’t have any officers of White Springs in my opinion because frankly they are just part of a click and are unfair and biased. And when it was said that the Budget for the police should increase from $1,000 to
$5,000 for travel and training, that set me off. If we were a large town our officers could expect us to send them to detective school or find other courses for them which were not required, but why should we, as a small town pay for courses not required.

We seem to get the worse of the worse which stay and those who are great are just passing by before they get another great job. Since Hamilton County is short $100,000 in their budget and since the only honest law enforcement we can get comes from the Deputies who are here more than our own police, I think someone could negotiate with Harold Reid. We do not need to increase this budget anymore for the police Right Now the projected income is $2,138 with $150 given for law education as income. I would not be saying this if we had a good chief and maybe a part-time but we have partisan law officers who spend most of their time sitting around in the office and the rest of the time watching baby alligators, getting the gossip from Nikki Williams, watching Robbie Brooks house hoping he’ll make a mistake and crap like that but not doing what they ought to be doing.

Get Deputies in White Springs so we can have a Greater White Springs and eliminate the two liars we now have for law enforcement.

Karin for the blog

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