General Government Expense for our administration which includes attorney and CPA

Apparently when I mentioned our CPA Salary was not included, nor the attorneys under “professional services”, such expenditures apparently have been included under “General Government Expense”.  Instead only Darren Elkind’s $8,800 was included under “Professional Expense so apparently our Town Attorneys and our CPA may not be “Professionals” under the right category but buried in the “Government Expense” Section of the General Fund.  And even that does not seem to have the appropriate numbers so in my estimation, the Town is hiding things again!
$ 95,583   Regular Salaries and Wages for Administrative Staff
$    7,313   FICA
$    1,501   Retirement
$   20,021  Life and Health Insurance (Remember Pam Tomlinson only is provided Part B of Medicare and perhaps a supplement so her costs for insurance are not as high as everyone else’s).
$   24,000   Professional Services (This is the Attorney Expense obviously)  Yet they only showed $24,000 or $19,494.29 spent in FY 2017-2018 which means someone is lying since the Anita Rivers costs exceed those amounts alone and Koberlein worked for us through Miller’s hearing.
$     11,000   Audit and Accounting (Money for our CPA Ken Daniels)
$           100   Bank Charge
$        4,000   Travel and Training
$        3,500    Communication Services
$         1,500    Freight & Postage Service
$          2,600   Utility Services
$           2,500   Rental and Leases
$            5,500   Insurance
$             8,000   Repair and Maintenance
$              2,500  Advertising and Printing
$               3,000  Office Supplies
$                9,000  Operating Supplies
$                2,000   Sales and Use Tax Payable


it so surprises me, but it shouldn’t, that items are buried everywhere and not within the appropriate categories.  But that is our Corrupt Town and Administration.


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