Four years ago, when Stacy began as Town Manager we actually had some reserves

In my 2015 Minutes of a workshop we still owed money on the backhoe and now we will owe more on an excavator


Although the paperwork I have states White Springs Town Council Budget Workshop Minutes, I can tell you that this information was not included for the public so I thought you all should know some of the facts.  Glimpses of it were provided but not the actual figures that I can recall.

The rollback mileage rate is 4.4081 with no increase in utility rates for the 2015-16 fiscal year.  The only increase will be in April on the annual Waste Pro contract and it will be a small amount (However, when the Town budgeted, their initial budget showed an additional $24,000 whether it was for Waste Pro or a buffer for the Town)

For Roads, Streets, Sewer Collection and Water Distribution the Town has budgeted $13,000 into a sinking fund for future equipment purchases.

There is a balance of $8,729 on the backhoe.

The police department budgeted $4,200 towards the lease of a vehicle.  They have already $11,000 in their sinking fund.

The Fire Department has budgeted $3,092 in capital outlay for fire equipment purchases.  They have $3,000 for personal protection gear.  Budget for 2015

Sewer Operations have budgeted $5,700 for the purchase of a new vehicle to replace the Ford Ranger that Andrew Greene drives.  In water and sewer operations, Andrew was able to have several thousand dollars waived by doing some research and submitting documents on annual permitting fees.  The Enterprise account is budgeted for $33,000 for the SRF loan payment and $45,000 for the USDA loan.  Per the Town budget (Not Joe’s) $69,288 will be transferred to the General account; $46,444 will be transferred for capital improvements for any repairs that may need to be done on the sewer lines from the camera study recently completed.  The vehicle Andrew is looking at will be purchased through a state contract lease with Roundtree-Moore.  The Town will make 5 annual payments of $5,662.27 for the 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew cab 4WD with factory towing package; spray-in bed liner and the 4 corner strobe lights required by DOT.  At the end of the five years, the Town will pay $1 to own it.   (FORTUNATELY HELEN MILLER STRUCK THIS DOWN AT A COUNCIL MEETING)

Both water Towers were painted two years ago under a contract which we pay so much a year for continuous maintenance.  (When we spoke to Bob Farley he stated at the time that the water Tower was to be painted for free, not under a maintenance contract, but from the purchase agreement saving some $25,000.  There is also a washing facility that cleans water towers and saves the expense of painting.  I have no idea if Farley fabricated this or if his idea to contact them for maintenance did not work because we had waited too long to paint it.)

All employees will receive a 3% cost of living raise in their salaries.  They have not had a raise in three years. 

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