Events and Meetings for September

The Annual Dinner for the Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce will be held Thursday evening, September 26th, with a reception beginning at 6:00 PM with Dinner following at 7:00 PM.  White Springs, since Rhett Bullard has been Mayor and since Rhett Bullard apparently controls the Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce, reserves and sponsors a table so that determination will have to be made as to who will attend.  I am certain Rhett will provide awards to himself, his friends and relatives as he always does.


The Budget Workshop to go over matters regarding the Budget’s handling of LOFT Funds and the Enterprise rate increase will be held on Wednesday, September 18th, at 6:30 PM. 


Although the Planning and Zoning Committee was planning on meeting the 18th, they had to cancel their meeting due to conflicts in scheduling.  Instead the meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 25th.  Tom Moore stated he will be unable to be at the meeting but will go over the minutes of the meeting; therefore, he can miss the meeting. 


The Florida Department of Transportation advertised the Hendrick Street project with minor revisions on June 22nd and the bids are due at 4:00 PM on September 23rd.  These bids will be brought forward at the October meeting.


Pam Tomlinson has been trying to coordinate time with the CPA’s who replied to our ad  so the Committee could interview them.  Councilman Moore requested that Town Clerk Pam Tomlinson change the date to the 19th of September.

And did you know that we do not take applications for the various committee members yearly.  Yvonne calls each person and asks whether they wish to serve on the committee for another year and if it is affirmative, they are on the committee without any further requirement of a completed application   How nice, new people are not considered.!


Our town Manager has not heard further as to whether all the Hamilton County municipalities will share a code enforcement officer.   Jasper is in favor; White Springs is in favor and Stacy spoke to Jennings, I believe….but it was difficult to hear her again.


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