Don’t Listen To Men, Only Listen to Women, Really?

I heard something very alarming last night on TV,  from a Female Democrat in response to the accusations of Christine Blasey Ford regarding Judge Kavanaugh.  This woman stated that one should not believe men.  Only women are believable.  What kind of stupid is this democrat?
In my lifetime I have never seen such horrific treatment of a Judge since Clarence Thomas, and this seems far worse.  The Democrats don’t care what they say or do to hurt a person’s reputation, his young family, his spouse and his friends.
I guess they have statistics that two out of five women, bring such sexual allegations up.  And the rest handle it in each their’ own means.  As to MS. Ford, it just seems suspicious that she did not do something at the time, which makes her comments unbelievable, plus the fact that lie detection can be passed easily without much trouble.  She needs sodium pentothal tomorrow; and then the truth would come out; probably that the democrats paid her a lot of money to make the abuse she suffered at the hands of someone else imputed to Judge Kavanaugh.,
Throughout my life, prior to White Springs, I found men far more believable than women.  Most men are to the point and frank.  Most do not need to lie.  But for the average woman, that’s a different story.  If you are not a woman who can work with men on your own merits without sleeping with them, then obviously the lies begin; I have seen so many woman trying to have affairs with married men and when men ignore their advances and  don’t do anything, insecure women will tell their friends that the married man did do something and then at some point they believe their own lies and then it becomes a big issue.  I don’t even believe in half the problems women say they have as women and feel they are mental or they had mothers with fabricated chronic disorders so they felt they had an excuse as well.  If you asked me who would be more believable in most cases, I would say men by a long run.  And maybe, I just worked with professionals or business men, and that type of thing never came out and if it did, a simple “No” worked because you did not have relationships with those you worked with especially in upper management.
And it just is not in the male female relationship.  Most women are jealous of other women who can succeed no matter what is given to them. They don’t even try to excel but feel everything should be given to them because “they are a woman”.  And this story that women could not make the same as men is a “fairy tale” except that most of the women who believe that fairy tale are those who do not have the intellectual fortitude to know any better.
 One of my co-workers was a saleswoman, or thought she was and ended up sleeping with the CEO who gave her much of his own business to make her more financially comfortable.  She was so envious of my abilities, she would steal paperwork and ideas when I was working out solutions to problems and she would provide it to the CEO as hers. She complained continually about my “thoroughness in proposals due to the fact that she did not have the intellect to know price wasn’t the most important factor and what one proposal may do which would be detrimental to the client.  The Agency knew I was a walking book as they called me and most salespeople had no problem with asking questions of me.  But she had the problem.
I knew this was going on and waited to see how far it would go, because at the time I was assisting in teaching insurance classes to the sales staff and she did not come off very bright, which made her angrier when it came up she was erring in her approach. Then when I brought some of the largest accounts in that the agency had ever had, she decided her revenge.  She brought me into the office with the office manager and threatened me that I needed to clean up my files or I would be on probation.
Now you probably saw the proposal for the School from the AIG.  It was quite explicit, wasn’t it; when our questions were answered? When you have large accounts there is no way of being able to place everything on a “binder of insurance” .  So you include the paperwork relating to coverage issues as an attachment to a binder.  Not only that, once you propose an account, there are certain coverages or exposures which the Insured does not wish or wishes to change from that original proposal..  I always required the client to sign off on coverage they did not wish and would keep that record in the file before handling the binder.  Now all of this paperwork looked the same to this stupid woman and I had everything neatly in folders in chronological order.  So when she made her threats against me,  as well as having the CEO believing that I was “too thorough”, I just told her to take her job and shove it and walked out within minutes and had another job a week later.
Remember when I spoke about the one account that was a booster manufacturer insured with the AIG . There was PETN in one of the Mountain’s caverns and the Mountain Blew breaking all of the toilets in Sparks NV.  Had it not been for me requiring the client to sign off of the “Employer’s Liability” (The State Workers Comp Fund at the time did not include employers liability)  which was required by contract and not provided under the client’s current insurance, the Client already had his attorneys ready to sue the Agency for $1,000,000 or more, due to the fact that five employees were blown up.  Now it’s a good thing the stupid lady did not have any of my files removed.
Well, as it was, the Agency had lost so much business and the woman who took after me could not assist anyone in getting these accounts back, so I was approached by the CEO’s son, to come back, double the pay, benefits and a larger office.  This irritated her a lot, until such time as I decided to move back to MN from NV after the Trout Company was legally given to family, my land was sold and I managed to sell the main ranch proper so the investor tripled his investments and then she, the salesperson, could do what she wanted.  She thought she could start up another Agency after I left, as an extension of the larger Agencies in Las Vegas and Reno, and she failed miserably.  But what she put me through during the time I worked there due to her jealousies was totally ridiculous and the fact was everyone believed her until it was too late.
There are women who cannot take the blame for what they do; cannot accept constructive criticism, cannot stand on their own feet and who continually blame others for the problems they could have either fixed or they could fix.
That is why after all these years, it was a pleasure to meet Joe and then become his wife and best friend.  Although we were from different financial and insurance aspects, it was nice to finally meet a person with a brilliant mind and a good soul whose spirit was so much like my own.   I have never had but a few female friends and those were the friends that I still stay in touch with because they never lied to me, made certain there was a line of communication between us on important issues and they received accolades only through their intelligence, hard work and dedication.  Actually, I usually can look past the lies of associates and those acquaintances I do not consider close friends, however, because both Joe and I sometimes feel sorry for them and their plights, we will do what we can to help them, expecting nothing in return, except the chance to provide fairness within the law.  To me telling the truth and not taking bribes or bowing down to corruption are very important traits to both Joe and I.  Thus thankfully we have each other, especially in White Springs, where the worse crap I have ever seen seems to manifest exponentially year after year.
Yes, that’s the reason after seven years for me that I am tiring of fighting the good fight.  And after our correspondent told me the reasons for not attending meetings, it made me think, do I really wish to go through this hell and come out on the losing end; or is it time for those who feel they are better than us, to take the Town of White Springs down the toilet.  It’s starting to not matter.  Yet, we do have one last stand and that is with the misspending of the Local Option Fuel Tax and what that will the Attorney General do.  It will be nice to see that conclusion since it will be a new statutory law I am certain, relative to what penalties and definitions they come up with.  That is something Joe and I believe in.  It is nice to learn something new every day.
Karin for the blog
Karin for the blog

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