Don’t attend meetings, Don’t get involved and you will deserve what you get…so don’t come crying to us when everything fails

I did this before, when the Town was threatening our First Amendment Rights and since things happen twice for me, I am seriously considering not writing under the blog for the future.  Those that wish to write under pseudo names will be honored and placed on the blog, which happens automatically; so if you use your own names, unfortunately if we do not see it, it can’t be controlled if you wish to remain anonymous.


Since Rhett has become the Mayor, things in White Springs have become exponentially worse.


  • We no longer have a Fire Department with firefighters so if your house burns down, don’t cry to us.  No one wishes to come to meetings and fight the good fight and demand from your councilors that they follow the Charter and bring the best firefighters we had back. I even tried emailing your comments to Walter McKenzie, believing he would fight the good fight since he is a homeowner as well, but that didn’t happen. It doesn’t help to just have comments and facts on the blog, because the Town does not listen to us; but maybe if the citizens got together and said enough is enough, maybe something would be done.  Or you all can just let it go and wait for the next fire or the next rescue which may reach you in maybe less than a half-hour or hour.


  • We need our sewer system rehabilitated and that is going to cost us over $21,000 a year plus interest for our share (over $750,000) because we take money from the Sewer and Water account and place it in the General Fund for lawyers and staff salaries of $50-60,000 yearly or more. If we would have kept the money in the Enterprise Account, perhaps we would not have to take a loan out.  This loan is anticipated  for a period of thirty years. So expect your sewer rates to stay at the high rate they are now or possibly increase, but don’t expect others to fight your fight if you are unwilling to come en masse to meetings to express your views.


  • Then there may be water pipe problems; perhaps with asbestos and possibly some broken pipes as well.  It’s happened before on Mill Street and it may happen again.  If the pipes are strictly servicing  your home, you will be responsible for the cost of the replacement of those pipes.  If the pipes on the Street are the problem, the Town will have to repair or replace them…but what the heck, if you are not worried about asbestos causing cancer, and you do not wish to complain to the council, we certainly cannot help you on the blog.


It may get worse when the Department of Transportation comes after the town for the Town’s misuse of Local Option Fuel Taxes.  We tried fighting the good fight but your current Mayor just says “duly noted” and Rhett Bullard contends Ken Daniels is right.  So now it is up to the Attorney General and the FDOT is serious about this misspending.  We alone cannot fight for your street and roads to be fixed so perhaps if you came to the meetings and put up a good fight like the Jasper News did for you last week, well perhaps you could knock some sense into these people you voted for.  So what if one or two are thrown out if there are more of you.  Make your voices heard.  It is time for you to do something, or not if you are happy with Mayor Lofty’s showmanship and lies which result in more taxpayer money and promises which are not kept.


And even when we attempt complaints or someone places a lawsuit against the Town it is something Judges and Attorneys will not touch because it is considered a “management decision” which the courts do not wish to oversee or rule against even if it is a poor management decision.  And Thus fair the Gang of Three and Stacy Tebo will get away with their illicit behaviors and misuse of money, because why should only a couple of us in town spend money in court to fight these travesties and lose only because there is poor management and we can’t do a thing about it, except spend more money in court.  It did not work for us and it’s not working for Dr. Miller.

So since it is your fault that you do not attend meetings and fight the good fight, just keep voting for the following:


  • Rhett Bullard and tell your juveniles to beware like you told them to avoid his cousin Townsend and “The Gay Mafia”.  And then there’s the drug problem where certain dealers will not be arrested so that you children can be introduced to drugs but if you are not concerned, thank God there are police officers, although neutered, who may assist your children so they do not die from a drug overdose.


  • Tonja Brown who will do nothing for you but will second every motion the “Gang of three” handles.



  • Spencer Lofton who has our attorney working with the school attorney to have another burden on Taxpayers, S.H.E.  We can’t afford one more thing, but Lofty feels he can threaten everyone military style (he was never an officer).   It’s bad when the newspaper fights for what is right more than the Citizen’s of White Springs.  All Lofty does is waste citizens time showing charts and diagrams but doesn’t have a clue about how to handle a business plan or anything else. Then Lofty had the audacity to tell us that Police Officers in White Springs can’t be paid a decent salary because we can’t afford it but can use nepotism to pay his family and the Town can pay attorneys without a cap in legal expenses.  Then he brings up Jennings, but Jennings by far does not have as large a budget as White Springs.  Good going on the public safety issues Lofty!


So just keep voting for the people that will place White Springs in Poverty.  In fact that may be good if the State and County takes us over.  No one wishes to live in White Springs due to the high taxes, utility taxes and sewer rates; Plus why would someone buy a home here when we don’t even fix our streets and roads, potholes, sidewalks, etc and don’t even mow the grass or keep the bathrooms clean with toiletries in the restrooms; much less pick up and dispose of the drug paraphernalia in the Willie Guy Turner Park for Children.


Furthermore, I have never seen a town in which there is so much anger about “slavery: when many of the people here probably did not have ancestors in slavery.  This happened hundreds of years ago and this is not the only culture which was hurt by slavery around the world.  My great grandmother’s name was “Weiss”  a Jew, and she left her relatives in Germany, who probably were put to death.  I am not going to threaten Germany or White people who are not Jews.  That is absurd.  Everyone has the same rights under the law and if certain things happen one must look at the cause, not the effect to determine right from wrong and blaming police officers.


Keep taking bribes from those who want you to vote for them.  After all the few bucks of beer or other liquor is worth a lot more than your standard of living.  Right?


There will no longer be after school programs and even though Rex Mitchell is trying to get some programs in place, because your Town Administration and Officials have hurt the only benefactor that Dr. Miller has had in all these years to assist your young children.  So when you are busy working, just let them run the streets and beg people at the dollar general to pay for whatever they can’t steal without notice.   The Town surely has not set money aside and they sure do not want the responsibility to help you.  Isn’t that nice!!!


So what does it matter.  You are apparently happy with the people you have voted for and are happy with your standard of living.  So who cares what happens to White Springs and stay at home rather than get involved.  After all, you must love corruption and apparently are afraid of the Town Leaders so that you cannot fight for what is right for you.


You may say I am harsh or a racist, but if you want to see a Racist, look at Spencer Lofton.  We especially have been discriminated against big time in White Springs, so I have the right to say what I feel like saying about these matters.


Karin for the blog

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