Do not take the Great People in White Springs who actually work for you and your family for Granted

This is the first time that Joe and I have visited the Veterans Park.   It is probably the most beautiful and accessible park in White Springs.  The Gazebo has been built to perfection and you may see the engraved bricks families have purchased to honor their heroes.

I am certain Tom Moore has contacted many of you as an invitation to view the new plaque with the names of all the veterans in White Springs.on it.   We did not arrive until about 10:30 am and since there were no veterans who came by, Tom Moore had left for his home.  Part of the reason was that he had mowed the Grass at the Park, something which the Town should do; but I understand the Business Incubator concrete park has not been kept up either.  Two years of paying Kenny Hutcherson without hiring someone to take is place is beyond the pale.

Many of you have taken Tom and Madeline Moore’s service to White Springs throughout the years, for granted.  Tom has assisted many of your children in learning Tennis and in fact he was responsible for placing together all the work for our Tennis Courts.  He, like Helen Miller, has done much for the Children of White Springs.  And, maybe Tennis isn’t as interesting as basketball, but when your children go to College and get their first job, they probably might have to play tennis and enjoy doing so at a Country Club with clients, co-workers and friends.

When Tom Moore chaired the Special Events Committee, we actually made money at the Azalea Festival, rather than breaking even like Paige Bullard has done with her ideas.  He and Madeline have also supported the CSO and you could always find the Two of them planing and working the various events, including the Folk Festival.

It is time the people of White Springs realized who really has you interests at heart.  Instead of voting for people who do not provide the services for your and your childrens needs, it is time that you elected people who care.  It is time that you fight back against the “Gang of Three”, who are spending money foolishly.

Does the Town do anything about the Sewer and Water problems?  Does the Town actually provide a “real” fire department instead of two men in flip flops that will do nothing for the Town?  Does the Town provide EMS services like they did before to help you in need?  Is there an after school program?   Has the Town placed Amber caution lights across 41 to the Dollar General Store and reduced the speed so your young children and you are not hit by a car?  Has the Town fixed your roads and potholes? Has the Town worked to be rid of the Drug Dealers who ultimately are trying to kill your children, instead of turning a blind eye?   You no longer will have firewood through the HOPE program which many of you need to keep warm on those winter days.   The Town under Mayor Lofty and Rhett Bullard only wish to spend money on Excavators and SHE renovations rather than you and we frankly do not have the money.  They have spent much of the money which was to have gone to other programs on lawyers to protect themselves and the Town Manager.

No it is time to get rid of these Slackards and start considering other people for the council who can get rid of these wasteful people and incompetent staff.

Next time you see Tom Moore, perhaps you should give him your Thanks for not only the Veteran’s park maintenance and design but also for the many successful projects he has worked on in White Springs for each of you.

Now he and former CSO Carol Stob are on the Economic Development Committee but the way Mayor Lofty is handling things, White Springs will go into debt, because Lofty does not have a business plan.  And when two such amazing people are available to assist, who does Lofty think he is by ignoring his committee?  This is a Weak Mayor form of Council but his britches apparently have gotten too big with the Title.  That may change when he places White Springs down the Toilet.

Thank you Tom for your hard work at the Veteran’s park.  It is phenomenal and it is because you cared.

Karin for the blog

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