Comments that may have been missed about the Fire Chief’s resignation


If the Park Ranger is in a comma, he is not in a good position.  The problem with heart attacks are the blood cloths that formulate when the blood can’t move through the heart fast enough, thereby moving to the brain causing strokes and paralysis.  It is NOT good that White Springs has not responded.  First WS was blamed when they did not attend a stabbing victim; now we have a heart attack victim and it sounds like this was a major trauma and the Park Ranger needed to be attended to much sooner and taken to a hospital.  This is all too sad.   Karin


From Anonymous on Stith’s September 10th 2019 Resignation Letter

Bye bye hope the door hits you on the way out.



Annise Smith says:

September 13, 2019 at 5:19 pm Edit

I did hear this one and it was very sad to me….Ten minutes wasted calling WSFD with no response before another dept was called out. I asked my husband why does dispatch continue to page when there is never a response from anyone from WS? I surely hope the Park Ranger received help in time.


god4joe says:

September 12, 2019 at 6:27 pm Edit

She doesn’t have a brain except to figure out ways to protect herself. She needs time to figure out a way out of the mess she has created. That’s the reason Stith resigned effective 30 September. What a crock of crap.





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