Can anyone respond to “Just Saying’s question” The Council also would be interested but I need experienced people knowing our equipment to answer this one. Thanks

Just saying
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Why do we need a new fire engine ? So it can set in the bay of the fire department and collect dust. It would only be used for parades and photos. We need a fire department that responds first. Not another bay queen that will just sit around and never be used. Seems like a waste of money to me, but what else is new.

Just Saying you are correct. Our council asked Ms. Tebo to contact Kevin Pittman to see whether he would again be fire chief. She has not. We do not know if she called Mr. Land in Jasper. We do know that Kevin Pittman is the best chief we have ever had since Peeler was Chief. I am not able to answer your question as to why do we need a new one. Stith complained continually but the prior brotherhood did not have his problems so one of them will have to respond to you.

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