Brown and Lofton make ridiculous promises while not realizing our Manager is taking WS down the Toilet. Will you be happy paying an additional $85 a month for sewer and water?

I have difficulty understanding how a Town Manager, with a Masters in Public Administration, has no clue as to how to budget money.   Joe is absolutely correct.  It is because of Stacy Tebo that the Town is going broke and that the town does not even have Fire Protection and has not had such for almost two years since she pushed Kevin Pittman out as fire Chief. It shows that she doesn’t really care about our Town and we know it but she is now  a month and less than two of making us bankrupt.


We have all looked at the sorry 2019-2020 Budget and there is no way possible of doing what is right under the law and still having enough money to operate the Town.   There has to be cuts.


Now I know Joe has written about the fact  that LOFT money has been used and hidden by Pam Tomlinson for years and used incorrectly.  But let’s face it, the majority of money after Rhett had it changed to per capita percentages, increasing the Town’s share, this overspending started at the same time as Ms. Tebo started as Manager and Rhett Bullard as Mayor.  They are the individuals who not only used and misused the money from some $25,000 a year  but $250,000 or a bit less for each of the last four years.   For as much money as we have taken in, we have never been as broke as we are today.


What I cannot understand is how Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown feel Stacy Tebo has done such a good job.  They obviously do not know anything about financials and to my knowledge, the only council person who has known there is a problem is Helen Miller.  Everyone else looks at a financials like deer look into a spotlight.  Instead Spencer Lofton has been angered, and bringing his Buddy Arthur Natteal to assist him in slamming Helen Miller at every chance they can get.  They were upset with S.H.E. and that we took the Town Jailhouse away from Natteal’s battered girlfriend.  They sure know how to spend money but they sure don’t know how to fix the situation we are in.


It was noted that when Scott Gay indicated that he is certainly happy he is not on the council when we don’t have enough money to cover our burdens that neither Tonja Brown or Spencer Lofton were phased by the comments.  They do not have a clue that we are so close to be taken over by the State when we declare bankruptcy.  Lofton and Brown show their biases and they have no idea what they are talking about and feel we are all just a bunch of complainers ….but unfortunately Stacy Tebo, our CPA and Rhett Bullard have done a number on White Springs and you and me, Spencer Lofton did his share of spending as well believing grants are the most important thing a Manager can get…but how do we pay for our portion?.  You have no idea what you have done and I pray that Helen Miller will be able to do something about this matter because we are in grave trouble and the only way to get out is to make cuts.


I know Walter McKenzie said we can’t cut certain programs but the Town will not survive if we do not.
 In my opinion, the first thing we have to do is get rid of the additional employee Mr. Ben Fry because Ms Tebo never indicated in the current fiscal year that an additional employee was needed or would be hired.  We cannot afford him.   What we need is for Curtis  Johnson to move up from his position instead of adding another employee that the Council never knew Tebo hired.


There needs to be cuts in Salary and since there is so much time taken off at town hall, my suggestion is making the employees Part Time.  And, we need to get rid of equipment such as the excavator with its trailer and the backhoe.  If we need such equipment, it should be leased as Walter McKenzie suggested.   Our employees are not contractors nor have the items Ray Vaughn stated could be done, have been done.  false promises and Tebo continually falls for a fast story and gives Vaughn and Stith everything they want and denies things for other employees.


The LOFT funds by law must be spent only on the following:
The statute defines “transportation expenditures” to mean expenditures by the local government from local or state shared revenue sources, excluding expenditures of bond proceeds, for the following programs:
(a) Public transportation operations and maintenance.
(b) Roadway and right-of-way maintenance and equipment and structures used primarily for the storage and maintenance of such equipment.
(c) Roadway and right-of-way drainage.
(d) Street lighting installation, operation, maintenance, and repair.
(e) Traffic signs, traffic engineering, signalization, and pavement markings, installation, operation, maintenance, and repair.
(f) Bridge maintenance and operation.
(g) Debt service and current expenditures for transportation capital projects in the foregoing program areas, including construction or reconstruction of roads and sidewalks.
(8) In addition to the uses specified in subsection (7), the governing body of a county with a population of 50,000 or less on April 1, 1992, or the governing body of a municipality within such a county may use the proceeds of the tax levied pursuant to paragraph (1)(a) in any fiscal year to fund infrastructure projects, if such projects are consistent with the local government’s approved comprehensive plan or, if the approval or denial of the plan has not become final, consistent with the plan last submitted to the state land planning agency. In addition, no more than an amount equal to the proceeds from 4 cents per gallon of the tax imposed pursuant to paragraph (1)(a) may be used by such county for the express and limited purpose of paying for a court-ordered refund of special assessments. 


We should have  an independent contractor handling our sewer and water situation and Ray Vaughn and Curtis Johnson should be the ones working on mowing grass and handling what ever maintenance is required.  We shouldn’t be hiring people when we have someone who is willing and able to learn and better himself.  We need to use the LOFT funds for what they were intended for and most likely since it has been shown that Vaughn cannot handle the areas of sinkholes and fixing piping that technically we will need to hire independent contractors.  Now if we hire independent contractors to do road work and to fix all of the potholes, LOFT funds can be used as well as for the hours in time that Curtis Johnson or Ray Vaughn are acting as executive supervisors while independent contractors are doing the work or if they are actually maintaining the roads.


As to Pam Tomlinson, we need to cut her hours since she mainly works a half day now. Because of her lack of knowledge, she should have been eliminated as the Finance Manager years ago. She spends most of her time on the phone with her husband or with her daughter, and smoking cigarettes outdoors.  The paper is piled sky high in her office and her insight as to actual finance and accounting is nil.  She has done a very poor job and her supervisor, Stacy Tebo, apparently doesn’t know any better either.


Now these two Tebo and Tomlinson can hide the hours each of them have taken off but we do know these ladies have missed a lot of work time and neither provides oversight of the other, no matter how many lies they give the council..  Therefore, both Pam Tomlinson and Stacy Tebo should be working part time.  Their Jobs do not entail full-time jobs.  The only efficient person we have ever had at town hall was Anita Rivers and these two made certain they got rid of her because they looked bad and we all saw what was happening.


Anyway, we will discuss these matters on Wednesday and it is time fr Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown to understand the dilemma we are in.  You all surely cannot be that ignorant, or are you?   You two ignorant councilors have been worrying about SHE and the Community Center when you should be concerned how much more the Citizens may have to pay ($85 a month more at least) to get out of this financial crisis.  That you never considered, only giving the people a good story but not worrying about the additional money that could bring them in poverty.

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