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Hey johnny so I’m a loser.  What makes me a loser;  the fact I have a good job doing something i love? I have a family that I love?  The fact I own my own home?  The fact I volunteer my time to something i love and ask nothing in return? So what makes me a loser johnny?  Come on put your big boy paints on an tell me or do one better stop by my house anytime an fill me in on how i am a loser. Until then shut your mouth because for one, you know nothing about me. You are a big man talking shit behind your keyboard because i can guarantee without a doubt you don’t have the balls to come to me an tell me I’m a loser.


For you johnny answer this one.
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And one more thing johnny who ever you might be i just want you to know i am here to help you and everyone else in this town.  Just know if i am called to help i will be there unlike the people you are defending. I answer the call when it comes i don’t run away from it or try to be late because i am afraid of hard work i will be there to help anyone in need because it is what i love to do and i am very passionate about it. But i will ask you a question if there was a wreak in town at the time it happened why on earth would they page another department instead of the towns department? Why would they by pass wsfd an call Genoa what is the reasoning behind this why not call the city’s department who would be the closest to the wreck? Why is it ? because we doubt we have a department in town or was it because they called ahead and said hey there is no one in town or around town so just call another department? Ask yourself that there johnny where was your department why did they call Genoa?


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  1. Don’t lie Brazil. Your daddy bought that house, his name is listed first. Easy thing to search on the property appraiser site.
    I don’t need big pants unlike you, fatty.
    Genoa was paged because dispatch listened to a misinformed EMT that said that white springs was unavailable. There were 3 members within city limits to respond. The issue has been discussed. Maybe instead of just listening to the radio all the time and making assumptions you should do your research and use spell check before you post.

    1. Hey johnny glad to see you read the blog it has a lot of great information. Yes johnny you are right my dad did help with signing for my house yet you fail to relies i pay everything for my house yes you are right i dont have the best credit in the world but i am working on that so thank you for comments it does not hurt my feelings. Everyone has there own opinion an i thank you for sharing yours. But calling me fat it cool you ant telling me nothing new i already know that but thank you for letting me know. Yes you are right my radio is on but it is not on to listen to white springs vut thank you again for telling something i already know. Glad to know there where 3 members in town i can take a guess on who they are but theres no need in it i already know. But any time you feel froggy an want to come by or if you see me out an about to stop an call me fat or a loser to my face feel free to take that opportunity. Thank you for your kind words if you feel the need to say more go right ahead.

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