Boy did the Town mess with Last year’s and this years Attorney and CPA Anticipated expenses – what a joke!!! What money did they steal? LOFT?

I have searched and I have searched and what I do not find is the Lawyer expense we paid last year as a Town.  We had the Anita Rivers case of at least $25,900; and surely we paid something for Koberlein’s services in FY 2017-2018 and the only possible area the Town has buried “Lawyer’s” services is under “Professional Services” which shows $8,800 for FY 2017-2018 which is the amount spent to Defend Stacy when she went after Helen Miller as a Rogue Council Member, removing Miller from her seat in the Quasi Judicial Hearing.  The Town said we would pay $7,500 which Walter McKenzie objected to but the Gang of Three voted in and the $8,800 was what was paid.   

It is noticed that there is nothing shown for Darrin Elkind for the period of time from the Hearing to the oral arguments against Helen Miller.  The current Professional service for the fiscal year 2018-2019 is $12,000 which would only cover Karen Hatton’s fees, so where is the Town burying all the legal fees for FY 2017-2018 for which Stacy Tebo stated there was no cap?  Then we wonder why we do not have contributing funds for projects which are necessary and I am positive some restrictive funds or grant funds were used because there has been no repairs in the Town to be noticed except for Street lighting and signs.

Also, it is not possible to include our CPA under the $12,000 of expenditures under the Town of White Springs so where is the amount to pay him which has to be in excess of $10,000, even though there was some to spare.  So there is no special amount for Attorneys or the CPA but rather a total amount of $12,000 for Professional Services – What a Joke!!!

Boy does this Town Administration love spending OTHER PEOPLES MONEY for their own benefit.

You will also recall that when BeFaithful Coker was paid the Town used the Animal Control Funds of $2,000 plus a $1,000 that supposedly was not spent for our CPA Services.   There is no animal control for which $2,000 is listed as an expenditure this year as well and furthermore we need MOSQUITO CONTROL more than Animal Control, which most cities do…but Not White Springs.  Who wishes to go to parks and get bit. Just when I am in the swimming pool the mosquitoes die one after the other trying to bite me.  The bottom of our pool has to be cleaned besides the pump because of the black mosquitoes at the bottom. 

Anyway it is nice of Tebo and the Gang of Three along with their CPA to hide all the legal expenses we paid just to protect Stacy Tebo who doesn’t even realize that she is the one who has caused much of the problems with her management techniques due to her drug problems which she admitted to in White Springs, but not in DeBary, and sooner or later if there is a trial, the crap which is hidden will come out.  But I am certain after reading the judges decisions in Tebo’s case, the Appellate Court in Atlanta, will probably take the decision of the lower court.

I am so sick of the Lies and Deceit which now is shown even in the Budgetary Income and Expense Sheet for FY 2018-2019.  It is a bunch of Hooey and the Town thinks we are dumb enough to not see what they have done.


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