Blackjack 21 commentary 45 Minutes for our Fire Dept to respond

Takes your local Fire Department darn near 45mins to get to town to clear the road of a big tree. This is completely unacceptable. Where is your locals at why is there no local people on the Department?


These brilliant council members and Tebo apparently are too afraid to admit they were             w r o n g !    An entire house could burn to the ground by that time.  Steve Stith is a horrid replacement for a Fire Chief and sooner or later there will be a fire, and one might as well kiss their property goodbye.   What is wrong with these idiots!   Say you were wrong and hire Kevin Back and have a real fire department not this fake department with a fake roster and then taking credit for a Protection Class 5 when it was all Kevin’s hard work.

What will it take councilors?  You sure as hell do not have the citizens interests.


Karin for the blog


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