Bits and pieces of the budget workshop

With Tommie Jones ur consultant, in charge we have a great amount of security. Even though Town Hall is owned by the people in White Springs, after I had taken photos of Tommie taking photos of me through the window panes, now we have blinds so that one cannot see outside. We are to have no more than one person in the building at any given time wearing a mask but if you are someone like Joe, you will be lied about; and now who can see inside with the blinds to know whether anyone is at the front desk?

Did you know that the folding machine which not only folds paper but places the paper in envelopes and seals the envelopes costs us $2,340 a year. I mentioned if a person made $8 an hour and had to spend a couple of hours folding once a month it would cost far less. Let’s take a clerk at $10.00 an hour folding and stuffing for two hours every month for a year. That would amount to $240 based upon two hours. But Tommie states it is more than the water bill which is sent out, but we ourselves only receive one mailing so there can’t be much more. Why are we paying that fee. I understand paying $2264 for the xerox machine, but really, a folding machine?

Our professional services budget for CPA,Attorney, Jones, etc was $90,000 but has been reduced to $64,880 by reason that Jones felt he was going to be paid much we will see when his contract comes up at the October meeting. The fact is the reason McKire’s budget worked with Townsend is that everything ran right and we didn’t pay for three people doing beautification mowing, etc. If Tommie wants more money he should retrieve his sewer and water licenses and handle both management and the sewer and water facility like Townsend did for less money. And we are not a large town that can afford two highly paid beautification people but yet have discriminated against Curtis Johnson who has been here longer and has worked much harder than anyone else.

Now we are paying only for two full-time police officers, Rodriquenz and Marsh as well as two part-time officers. As I stated before with the costs of maintaining a police department for a small town such as ours we would be better off paying the Sheriff’s deputies. The officers have been working 42 hours a week instead of 40 so they have to be paid the overtime.

All event committees combined had a budget of $13,450 and it has been reduce to $5,000 of expense.

There won’t be a hot dog picnic after the Christmas Parade because of corona virus so it will be a drive through only. We’ll have an expense to place on the flags and decorations.

The beautification employees including Ray Vaughn have all finally completed sheets as to how much time they spend at each job. This was done for a four month period. Therefore, as a result Tommie Jones was able to take an average and use it in the budget salary calculations.

I hope we can breath a sigh of relief for the money paid to our firefighters for each incident they show up for. Instead of a “salary” which it is not, they will and have been listed under “reimbursements”, which is a good way of handling it since taxes are not taken out for these volunteers.

In any event, the final hearing will be September 24th at 6:30 PM to vote on the final budget. Watch the Town Site to be assured someone does not change the date or time of the event, as will we.

We don’t l know the status of the First Federal Loan so we can pay Curt’s Construction. We don’t know if David White will still consider buying the old jail building.

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