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What was of the most interesting thing we covered today, from my view point, is the amount of money the town has overcharged users of the Sewer fees. Look at your sewer bills and determine how much you paid for your sewer tax bill – probably about $4.00 You’ve paid the sewer tax rate for 20 plus years. MUltiiply $4.00 times 12 times 10 years and $2.00 per month for 10 years (before the rates went up) and you get a handsome sum of money that has to be credited to your utility bill. In short the town stole all of that money from each of you. We, the Griffins, with a sewer and water bill of around $75.00 per month figure the amount owed to us is near $750.00 which should be a crediit to our future sewer and water bills.

Now don’t let Helen or the Attorney tell you that the amount of money owed you stops at 4 years They will tell you it is a “Statute of Limitations” issue. It is not in any way shape or form a statute of limitations issue. The Town STOLE from you that money and since you own the sewer and water plants they are yours and, in effect you overcharged your self some $800 dollars over the last 20 years. I vote the town fathers and mother (fu**ers) pay that money back to the sewer and water bills.

In addition we discussed the sewer and water deposits that each of us, except for Rhett, paid. For me it is $75.00, you may be more or less depending on when you hooked up to the utilities. This fee is required *(By LAW) to be repaid after two years for accounts in good standing. If you got shut off from utility service for non-payment the law is not clear about whether you still owe the town or whether the TOWN OWES YOU THOSE LATE PENALITIES.

The town has robbed you of this money. It is time we got our money back from ourselves.

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