Andrew, if you do not have this license or the experience, you cannot be paid the big bucks for the Water Distribution operator!

Florida Administrative Code Chapter 62-602 defines specific requirements for application, examination,license, renewal, and regulation of Water Distribution Operators. A copy of Chapter 62-602, Florida Administrative Code is included in this handbook. This handbook contains useful information on approved training courses, related regulations and associations that assist in training or technical programs. We encourage you to carefully read all information in the handbook before completing an application.You must meet all minimum eligibility requirements for the examination type and level for which you are applying.

Step One: What is required for the examination process?

1. Completed DEP examination application. (Application must specify EXAMINATION not
certification or licensure.)
2. One color or black and white photo size 2 X 2. (No photocopied pictures)
3. Approved DEP coursework. (Courses are located in this handbook.)
4. Application fee of $75.00 for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
5. High school diploma, GED or transcript showing date of graduation. College diplomas or transcripts are also acceptable. Note: All diplomas or transcripts not in English must be accompanied with an English translation. Diplomas must be equivalent to a United States high school diploma. Additional verification may be requested upon review. Internet based High School Diplomas or GED’s are not acceptable.

Make copies of the completed application before mailing. Also, retain all instructions and the rules section for your records. Upon review of your application, you will receive a status notification from the Department. Please type of write CLEARLY on your application to ensure your name and address is spelled accurately.

Please remember that information in this handbook is subject to change at any time. Only the most current books have the most up-to-date information. Discard any Distribution handbooks with a revision date older than the current handbook. If you find information in this book that you believe to be questionable, please contact our office for clarification. Good luck on your upcoming exams.

Examination fees:

The total fee to be submitted with each examination application for the 1, 2, 3 & 4 exams is:
$75.00 Total ($25.00 non-refundable application fee plus $50.00 examination fee)

Examination Application Processing:

Applications received with missing information, or unacceptable course work, photos, insufficient experience, or insufficient fees are considered INCOMPLETE. Applicants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the applicable level of certification prior to approval and scheduling. If an application section does not apply, “N/A” should be written in the respective spaces. The applicationmust be signed and dated by the applicant.
All examination applications must be submitted with required documentation and fees to be
considered complete. Applications do not come directly to our office. Applications go to Finance and Accounting before a receipt number is issued. Our department has up to 30 days to process an application. If you have not received notification at the end of 30 days please contact our office.

Step Two: What is required for the Certification (Licensing) process?

Once you have passed the examination you must complete a separate application. In this application you will document actual distribution experience. The sections of the application for current and past employment can ONLY be verified by a Florida DEP licensed Water Treatment Plant Operator or DEP licensed Water Distribution Operator in the appropriate field. Wastewater Operators can not verify experience for Water Distribution.
As per 62-602.420(2)(d), F.A.C., “If the employment experience is not verified by a licensed operator, an applicant for a treatment plant operator license must provide a reference from a peer who is a licensed operator of the same type (water or domestic wastewater) to verify the type of experience of the applicant. If the employment experience is not verified by a licensed operator, an applicant for a water distribution system operator license must provide a reference from a peer who is either a licensed water treatment plant operator or a licensed water distribution system operator to verify the type of experience of the applicant”.

Experience verification must include the following information:

1. Dates of employment from start to end date. Do not use the “to present” as an end date.
2. Hours worked per week.
3. Name of plant worked.
4. Overtime hours if (available).
5. Name and title of person signing (printed).
6. Signature of a DEP licensed Water Distribution operator or DEP Drinking Water operator.
7. Date.
8. Phone number.
Licensure application:
Licensure applications may be submitted at anytime after the rule criteria are met. To be licensed,
you must have the correct hours of actual work experience needed, and pass the appropriate type and class examination. All applicants will be notified in writing of their application status (complete or incomplete) within 30 days of receipt by the Department. Once the licensure application is approved,operators will receive their license and wall certificate within four weeks of the approval letter.

Licensure application fee:

The total fee to be submitted with each licensure application for the 1, 2, 3, or 4 level license is $50.00 ($25.00 non-refundable application fee, and $25.00 license fee). The application fee is nonrefundable.
If an applicant is determined to be ineligible for licensure, the license fee will be
refunded. Please note: A check or money order is acceptable for payment of fees. No purchase
orders, cash or credit cards can be accepted. All state journal transfers must have the application and/or renewal notice physically attached or we cannot guarantee that our revenue section will post the journal transfer to the correct license record.

Experience Verification Current or Past:

When completing the employment verification page on the licensure application, please complete all sections. Only licensed DEP Water Distribution Operators or Water Plant Operators can sign under supervisor signature. Anyone else that is verifying the experience must attach a separate letterhead letter or peer reference letter signed by a DEP licensed Distribution/Water Operator. If the peer letter is submitted still complete the section to the best of your ability. Under supervisor signature state “See reference letter”. The applicant and supervisor both need to check for errors before mailing the application. Please write or type clearly. Keep a copy for your records. for. One you are approved you will be ready to begin the process of the DEP examination.

What is required to submit an application for licensure?

1. Completed DEP certification or licensure application.
2. Completed employment verification section or peer reference letter.
3. Licensing fee of $50.00 for Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
4. Application signed and dated by the applicant.
Once we have received your application and approved it, your license and wall certificate are issued.

Congratulations you are now a certified state of Florida Water Distribution Operator!

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