Andrew Greene has a “Class C” operators certificate which allows him to handle distribution systems

First of all I appreciate the fact that Stacy Tebo had listened to the concerns we had on the blog and for those which were brought up she had readily given us answers.

We and the Town do not agree on the LOFT situation but that will be handled in due course by the Department of Transportation through the Attorney General.

As respects the Water Distribution Certification, Stacy Tebo indicated that it was unnecessary because Andrew Greene had an operator’s license.  Since someone picked up our public records request regarding Greene, we instead contacted the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  If an operator has a “Class C” operator’s license which Andrew Greene has and since our systems are fully automated, Andrew Greene does NOT need the Water Distribution Certification/License.  But the DEP has stringent rulings regarding what is required at the Water Tank Distribution Area and that includes testing of water samples taken by Greene and sent to the Certified Labs.  She also mentioned that an engineer must ascertain the Storage Tanks are clear of contaminants every five years and DEP is involved with the checking of Tanks.

Although many of you complain and mentioned to us that you are concerned about the toxicity, for which I have written information about the Potash applications and the concern of the “Plume” that apparently was addressed by the “Watch”.   Although the DEP knows of no plume relative to PCS, they have indicated that White Springs is not on the Watch list for the DEP, mainly because the samples thus far have shown only traces of bacterium and radiological substance in our water and that is to be considered minimal.  There are standards and levels the bacterium and radiological substances would have to reach in order for the water to be considered toxic and then the DEP would be involved as soon as the tests come back from the lab.

So for those of you concerned with the water causing cancer, I guess for the minimum amount DEP states is in the water, it most possibly may be from another source, such as what one councilor stated was the problem is the “Asbestos” piping in the neighborhood.  But remember, if the asbestos piping is not within the distribution piping areas, the homeowner will be responsible for replacing that piping, and not the Town.

Anyway, we received the answers to your inquiries and obviously our toxicity is minimal, but as the “Watch” noted, the Town Administration/Employees/Councilors will not drink the Town Water; and after receiving a rash and when boiling water a big pile of White Sediment, I will not drink the water either.

If there are cancer clusters and you are concerned, the DEP indicated one should call the Department of Health to investigate the problem.

Also, it was indicated that Ray Vaughn would be listed as “Public Works” again and we realize in a small town employees from one department help another department; Yet, in the case of the Distribution portion of Water, the sampling, etc, the DEP said that that should be handled by Greene who has the “Class C” certification.

The State of Florida was incorrect in their assessment that the additional license was required.

Karin for the blog

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  1. Takes your local Fire Department darn near 45mins to get to town to clear the road of a big tree. This is completely unacceptable. Where is your locals at why is there no local people on the Department?

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