Our contributor is right but I was just thinking about a way out without spending $2. million

Excellent idea Karin. But sadly it would cost a couple of million to just bring the building up to code. Then they would have to renovate it further to accommodate their plan. Where is all of that money going to come from?

The reason I considered a flea market and included the farmer’s market, we would only use the building on certain days to sell our wares, if not outside.  I agree with you, we cannot afford bring the building to code but the problem is Lofty and the Rhatt are going through with this.  And by putting a bunch of offices  in and a police station, they’d have to fix it without any say by the Citizens.  It is happening now and I am just trying to find ways where the citizens could have one place, maybe the gym in inclement weather only certain days or outside. A way to utilize without the money put in by the citizens.


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