9 Reasons to Be Afraid if Trump Loses

9 Reasons to Be Afraid if Trump Loses

Dear Reader:

There are many dangers to America, but there is one really BIG one.

In my new book BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, I reveal that the biggest danger to America at this very moment is if Donald Trump loses in November.

I believe Joe Biden and his minions will unleash the most radical policy agenda and reshaping of our government and society ever contemplated.

I know how they operate and think, because I was once a radical leftist.

See Joe Biden as the figurehead. The stooge.

In radical Alinsky politics, he’s the decoy.

You all think old “Uncle Joe” will be running the country.

But he won’t.

Kamala Harris, the most liberal senator serving, openly talks of this being her administration — as she says, it’s the “Harris administration.”

Scary, isn’t it?

In BLITZ I reveal the “9 Biggest Dangers From the Anti-Trump Left.”

You need to know them.

You need to share them with your friends and family.

Here they are:

Resistance. This is the code word for the network out to destroy Trump. I describe who the real operators are, and I name the big billionaires funneling money into them.

Identity Politics. BLM is not about Black lives. It’s about using race as a lever to divide America, destroying true equality. It’s a raw political power grab.

Open Borders. Make no mistake about it, this is an immigration jihad meant to change America’s language and culture . . . and give the Democrats a permanent voting edge.

Green Communism. The “Green New Deal” is about undermining American business and oil independence, and regulating our society under the guise of the environment. I reveal some of the really wacko things they are planning.
Communist Healthcare. Let’s call it what it is. I explain why Obamacare was the beginning. Bidencare will kill our private health system and Medicare.

Support for Criminals and Contempt for the Law. I wrote this before George Floyd and the protests this summer, but it’s all coming true. Biden has already signed on to “defund the police” and worse.

Hostility to Religious Liberty and the First Amendment. Remember, first you need to kill God before implementing a truly socialist society. That’s the real goal. I reveal how they plan to do this.

Support for America’s Enemies. All the bad guys become good guys, in their warped view of the world. Joe Biden has already signaled he wants to embrace China and resurrect the failed nuclear agreement with Iran. Frightening but true!

Attack on America’s Heritage. Again, I wrote this in BLITZ before the protests, but as we see with the ending of Confederate monuments, and worse, the attacks on our heroic founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, these people will stop at nothing.
I believe BLITZ is a warning.

It’s a warning about the radical left and their plans for America.

It’s a warning about what will happen if Donald Trump loses on Election Day.

Frankly, we cannot let that happen.

Please make sure you get BLITZ. Read it, absorb it, share it.

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David Horowitz

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