Additional News from the 9-11 Meeting and council packet

The Generator was fixed at Town Hall for an amount of $5,778 to Ring Power For Replacement of Generator Transfer Switch.  A payment of $6,000 was made to Florida Fill and Grading, Inc. for Bridge Street Asphalt Replacement and Pot Hole Repairs.  This was done so Mayor Lofty’s Street was fixed.  How Nice!  They never consider asking their partner Hamilton County to assist, however. And why cant our Public Works fix these problems with his excavator and backhoe?

Resolution #18-11 amends the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to include development of Carver Community Center Park and authorizes the Town Manager to  apply for FRDAP Grant Funding.  The School Board transferred the Carver property to the Town in part for recreation.  To increase our chances of securing the $50,000 grant, we are seeking, we are amending the CIP to include this project.  We also mailed surveys with the water bills to obtain input and those are due by October 10th.  Finally to ensure the Town submits the most competitive application, we are holding a pre-advertised forum designed to receive input from our citizenry. The meeting notice will be published on September 13th in the Jasper News and the forum will be held on Thursday September 20th at 6:00 p.m. in Town Hall.  At least this time they plan on advertising in the Jasper News; prior when they did not wish to advise anyone Rhett had it in the Gainesville Sun and the Lake City Reporter.  Maybe he learned something this time.  But as you can see, the park was decided for you because Mayor Lofton and councilor Bullard know what you need.


Resolution 18-12 – Declaring Parcel #8380-000 Surplus and Authorizing the Sale to the Adjacent Property Owner, Roger Greene for $3,520. It authorizes the manager and Mayor to execute the closing documents. Roger Greene owns the adjacent property at 16588 River Street.  Parcel #8380-000 is a 4800 square feet and is located between his property on River Street and the old water Tower.  The Town has no use for the property and the only access is from Tower Alley.  The zoning classification is $SF-1 and the lot does not need the minimum size requirements for building.


Florida Fill Invoice for Water Line and Roadway Repair on Hwy 136. This invoice is for the repair work done on Highway 136 near the intersection with Highway #1.  It is for water line and asphalt repairs.


FDOT controls Highway 136 and decides how repairs are to be handled.  When the water on the asphalt was reported, FDOT advised they would be on site to meet staff the next day.  FL Fill was contacted as it was an emergency and they were able to send someone to meet with FDOT as well.  Initially staff and the contractor were instructed to dig on the side where the Old Tourism Center is located; the source of the water leak had to be determined.  If at all possible, they always attempt to avoid disturbing the asphalt.  Eventually, repairs had to be made on the other side of the roadway.  Approved Payment of invoice to Florida Fill & Grading for $2,950.


A proclamation relating to the Drafting of the constitution in its 213rd year  was provided to Linda and John ……Linda is a member of the Daughters of the Resolution. which will be shown with others at the County and Libraries.  Constitution week is September 17th through September 23rd..  They left before the meeting was over; probably because of two out of three being thrown out and the chaos that resulted.   Of course, Lofty had to talk about his Air force ROTC and the DAR Badge…although he forgot to tell us that he was fired from his training of the ROTC.   Councilor McKenzie  stated Skip and Linda have sponsored our town for the last 40 years with the Folk Festival and gave them thanks.
The Elkind legal bill was for $1,962.50 which Helen Miller refused on the basis Darren Elkind does not have an existing contract with the Town.  Of course, if you watched the Florida First Judicial Court of Appeals video, you saw Mr. Elkind in action.  You will note he did not feel protecting Helen Miller’s reputation was important and he kept referring to the Quasi Judicial Hearing as an Administrative Hearing but the Judges knew it was a Quasi Judicial Hearing.  Also he argued a case that stipulated the circuit court did not have to review the Miller Case whereas Helen’s attorney Mr. Herron stated another law wherein such should have been reviewed and heard. Helen’s attorney requested a dismissal from what I understood.  In any event Helen’s attorney looked good.
David Doyle was inducted into the White Springs Police Department whee he took his oath at the September 11th Meeting.  Initially he hesitated awaiting Casey Kenzie to go up front as well, but realized he was the only one.  I guess, when I was told to get out of the meeting, Tracy Rodriquenz must of felt that Casey would not take me out of the building, but I left with Casey.  In my opinion he’s safer than Rodriquenz because she would probably belt me one and grab me by the hair.  That’s her MO and I am uncertain if “Stand your ground” law would work with her so I felt safer with Casey Kenzie.
I think the Rhatt Watch writers picked up the information on the $3.6 million loan of which we have to pay 20% to repair and replace sewer pipes.
We received another FDOG Grant which will be used to pave Mill Street and 3rd and Johnson.
Stacy hopes to get the Irma Reimbursement for Debris removal and she is awaiting the final review. $26,000 is expected.
WastePro will pick up small piles of yard waste in Plastic Bags or in the waste recepticles.  Waste Pro doesn’t pick up large amounts of Waste adnd the Town had to hire someone to do it.  She will send the Waste Pro specifications so we all understand the rules.
Kenny Hutcherson’s retirement after 40 years of service will be on Friday 9/14
We, Joe and I did not wish to go to the Budget Hearing this evening at 6:30 PM because what is the use?  Until they realize they will have a problem with the way they mismanage spending and that will take the Attorney General to come down on them per our conversations with the Department of Transportation and until the Commission on Ethics rules on these tyrants, there is not much one can do even though Stacy said she has a hard time or is struggling to balance the budget.  We still receive $250,000 for use of our cell tower.
No matter what our Town Attorney has said, The Attorney General probably added Helen Miller’s to the criteria we provided the Florida Department of Transportation who sent it over to Pam Bondi.  Apparently Rhett does understand the statute and that money is to be spent on Transportation only because his anger at Helen Miller was atrocious.  And even Mayor Lofty let her have it and condemned her.  These tyrants set her up in the first place and it is time Rhett worried about the fact that they can’t spend LOFT on town hall administration salaries, etc, which takes away his additional money while leaving our roads in disrepair.  I am so sick of these liars and con-artists and it just gets worse.  I pray every day that the Commission comes forth with hearings and rulings.  These people have to go and they’ve already wasted $500,000 of LOFT and White Springs could have had wonderful roads.  And our Public Works department could have purchased a grader rather than an excavator and fixed the roads themselves for which their salaries and work would fall under Transportation.  I can’t wait for the State’s rulings on LOFT.
This is it for the additional news of White Springs.


Karin for the blog 

P.S.  Joe mentioned that it appears Helen Miller is hated more than he, but then when two officers needed to take me out, obviously I am hated more than the two of them…and who cares.  At least I tell the truth when all the Gang of Three does is lie.

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