Concerned Citizen

Is a lot of the money the town is wasting being used to defend itself against your frivolous lawsuits. If you don’t like it here just move

Karin’s Comment:  Gee Whiz you obviously cannot read or understand what is written. There is no lawsuit.  The Commission on Ethics and the Attorney General will handle this corruption.

The Town of White Springs could be one of the best places to live if not for misspending.  What about the $25,900 spent on defending the Town Manager without council approval on the Rivers’ case.  What about Elkind, the attorney who was hired to protect Stacy Tebo and staff who has already been paid in excess of $8,000 and now he is protecting the Town WITHOUT A CONTRACT because it was a MALICIOUS AND INTENTIONAL ACT.  As such it cannot be provided coverage under the Town Insurance.  What about favoring Andrew Greene with a job that takes less than two hours a day?  What about his being given a vehicle for his personal use which belongs for the firefighters with a credit card.  Have you read where all the 19 suits were dismissed without being read by the Judge and we paid over $40,000 to the Town.  The council made that decision not the attorneys but they were glad to get money and give the Town some to.  And haven’t you figured this out yet.  We are fighting for the rights of Citizens in White Springs?  We pay the Bullard Cousins money while we DO NOT HAVE A FIRE DEPARTMENT? OH WELL, IF YOU LOVE CORRUPTION MAYBE THAT IS HOW YOU LIKE TO LIVE BUT THE REST OF US ARE SICK AND TIRED OF NOT USING MONEY FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSES LIKE THE LOCAL OPTION FUEL TAX MONEY OF $500,000-600,000 WHICH WAS NOT USED ON ROADS; LIKE THE SEWER SINKHOLES THAT HAVE STARTED BUT WE CANNOT REPAIR THOSE BUT LOOK FOR MORE PARKS; AND A BUSINESS INCUBATOR FOR COUSIN TOWNSEND WHICH IS A CONCRETE PARK WITH A ROAD TO NO WHERE.  NO, WE LOVE OUR HOME AND FRANKLY, WHY DON’T YOU LEAVE IF YOU ARE PART OF THE CORRUPTION.

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