A Great Hamilton County Community Meeting – We need to be more involved

Joe and I attended the Hamilton County Community Meeting held at the Women’s Center hosted by the Hamilton County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Coalition.
This was your chance to voice your concerns and potential solutions on issues of the community. Superintendent of Schools, Rex Mitchell was the moderator for this event and I must admit, I am totally impressed with the manner in which he handled the meeting, gave ideas and wrote ideas down in segments. Up to this time, I had really not met him or attended any event he has been in charge of only for two reasons, listening to what others have said and our friendship and campaigning for and with Tom Moffses.


The most important message stems from Communication.  In White Springs we are segregated Black versus White and I have never seen this happen in other areas including Atlanta.  But here we are.  As Rex Mitchell stated, the number one problem is “poverty” and if the parents are poor and very few are educated, the children likewise feel there is no importance in their lives.  Many gave their ideas which were all important.  Those attending from the Council were Mayor Lofton and Vice Mayor Brown. Mayor Lofton also brought a friend who has purchased thirty acres of land which he wishes to use for agricultural purposes and to train young juveniles so they do not end up incarcerated.  But the rest of our Children need something as well; Programs which remove the X box for a fishing tackle box.  It’s as though parents want children but not the responsibility; so by buying them games and letting them be on their own, a parent has freedom.  But who is there to nourish your child’s hopes and dreams?


But let’s look at every event handled in White Springs, including the Azalea Festival just sends the kids to play in the game trailer.  Why not games the parents and children can all be involved with.  Why not make the children proud.  At once time I gave ideas about games and other events which would involve entire families.  But I realize everything is run by the Bullard Family, including the HCDA so it appears to me the Bullards don’t care about all people getting along and trying to have relationships.  I have mentioned using the community center as a senior center, where meals can be prepared by volunteers, where children can meet with older people to hear their stories and the older people may be pseudo Grandparents.  But that is not the Bullard Way.  If Page Bullard would ever smile it would be amazing and since she has taken over other than Tom Moore the Wild Azalea Festival has been a sham. why even try having relationships with all of the Citizens in White Springs.


Also I think it is time for the Hamilton County Development Authority to provide a business incubator for start up businesses at SHE rather than how this is going.  The HCDA only looks for big business, not realizing that a small business can grow into a large business.


I hope Lofton’s friend really does what he said he can do. Most real well-to-do people usually do not brag about money so I am uncertain as to what to believe.   Right now he states God Sent him and his wife to White Springs after giving up a million dollar restaurant.  Once Mayor Lofton and his friend acted as the entertainment, no more ideas were expressed by the audience and Superintendent Mitchell sat down.
Again we need all of you in the community to interact not just some of you.  If you are not involved, then you might as well allow the officials to take more rights away from you.  You need to speak.  We are a community and each of us is here to help each other and not have the corrupt Town we have today.  Look at how the haunted house brought together all people of the community and beyond.  Other than the coalition and Superintendent Mitchel and a few concerned individuals, once the Fire Department has disappeared, there is no melding of relationships.  We can thank Stacy Tebo and Rhett Bullard for ruining the Town and their patsy, Mayor Lofton.



Thank you Superintendent Mitchell for taking the time at each of these meetings to allow the communities to present their ideas and solutions for a better community.
The third and final meeting will be held Thursday, Sept. 13, at Jennings City Hall in the council room from 6-7:00 pm.   Input will also be received from students and we will then be able to see the results and work on those results as a community.


Hope for a good future is important to each and every child.  And each child should be nurtured for the talents each have.


My article on the Wild Azalea Festival and what a festival should have to bring in more people and more unity

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