Tebo’s not too observant but because of her, we could say that we all got a new perspective by walking in each other’s shoes and for that I am grateful.

White Springs definitely has had its losers and Stacy unfortunately placed that badge of honor directly on her chest as well.
Having hired many individuals in the past, I can tell you that I was not impressed with Ms. Tebo’s interview.  I personally liked the candidate Walter McKenzie liked but was fearful the candidate would probably not stay long because White Springs is so corrupt.  Joe, again, wanted Ms. Tebo to know everything there was to know, including all the budgets being prepared at the time, introducing her to some businesspersons, letting her know about the blog so she was aware of some of the problems we had.  You will recall that Bill Lawrence couldn’t wait to leave White Springs.  He said what was going on in the background was worse than some good ole boy network, which he originally thought was the problem.  And somewhere along the line, even he was turned by Pam Tomlinson to distrust Anita Rivers and even though we became friends in the end, he had a hard time believing us that it was Pam Tomlinson one could not trust.
Now Stacy must have been under the influence to not have heard that at the time the Millers and the Griffins were mortal enemies.   With no apologizes for what they placed us through, Joe is good- natured about what happened in the past and considers it now history, in spite of prior depression. As for me, similar to Joe, I fight for what is right no matter what the circumstances may be. My personal animus has no place between right and wrong and we never wished anyone to be put through that which we were put through.
In fact, other than sending someone to jail, Helen Miller was treated similarly to Joe Griffin. But Ms. Tebo never figured that out and set her sights on Mrs. Miller who she decided to treat with the utmost disrespect and get her off the council.  But Ms. Tebo was jealous of the relationship Anita Rivers had not only with the Police Department but with former Mayor Miller. And as the worse  transpired by the treachery of Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo’s gang taking after Miller and Rivers, the closer we all became for the greater good.  Tebo thought we were friends with Reverand Marshall; yet we called him out on his lies and dishonesty; she thought we were friends with Tom Moore but we were acquaintances.  All of a sudden because we fought for what was right even in Marshall’s case, we were a new Miller gang.
Instead of Ms. Tebo alone treating Anita Rivers badly, Tebo worked in Concert with Tomlinson to treat Rivers poorly by making nasty comments to her and treating her like a second class citizen. .   Of course Pam’s lies were totally believed by Ms. Tebo and Tomlinson also had Shirley Heath verify stories which never happened not only about Miller but about Griffin as well.   In fact we heard some of those lies about us during our court case and couldn’t believe it.  Tomlinson and Heath have to be the greatest liars in the history of White Springs.
We know Rhett Bullard also was jealous of Helen’s ability to command an audience and put together economic development plans  of which he could not, but he could work behind the scenes with Jefferson, Lofton, Natteal, and Brown to make certain that the ones who they envied would be hated by most of the people in Town.  In fact we found where they worked for over two weeks trying  find some complaints against Helen Miller but none met the definition of malfeasance but even as an attorney Rhett did not know that but was totally vindictive and made certain she was removed, Tonja didn’t know what it was and Willie tried to make some sense of it but had a limited IQ situation.
So at some point early on when Helen Miller was attacked, we joined forces with her, but it was not as early as what Stacy Tebo had stated in her depositions.  But of course she believed all the other lies and we took flack for being friends with the Millers at the same time from various people in town, until we  set our reasoning straight.  Miller was right; Rhett and Stacy were wrong.  We believe in the Law and in Justice.
Then all of a sudden in a deposition Stacy said she was afraid Joe would come in with a gun.  Where in the H….did she get that?   Then she took an injunction out against us, listing Town Hall as her home and she had some great idea that Joe was driving his yellow jeep by her house and keeping track of her.  He was selling it and he’s not that interested in her so obviously she is one heck of a paranoid person.  He had never threatened her.
Then Tebo said she could only terminate Kevin Pittman as fire chief at the last minute because if she had done it earlier, Joe Griffin as his friend would have told him and I guess Pittman would have had time to prepare..  Okay, Tebo is a dodohead for certain.  At one time the Pittmans and we were not friends because of Kevin’s former wife and it was because of his great performances as Fire Chief which everyone raved about that I went up to him after a meeting and Stacy probably believed there was a total friendship.  Nevertheless we respect and think highly of Kevin Pittman; perhaps not so much his former wife.
So the Rats decided to give Stacy Tebo a two year contract and for what good is it?  She has breached the majority of her required duties, and she is taking White Springs down the Toilet financially. But who is going to protector.  There is a new majority in the Council who sees what is going on.  It is no longer the Bullard or Lofton Gang of three but three other councilors who will do what is best for the citizens of White Springs.  An all we need is a fourth council person and Spencer Lofton will have to leave his seat since he purchased a home in Lake City in August.  He’s trying to hide the fact but he can’t any longer.  We now have evidence, so come clean Spencer, so we can place Anita Rivers on the board.  After what Tebo and Tomlinson have done to Anita, she needs to speak her piece and stipulate the wrongs of Tebo for which I am certain the other three will join her in terminating Tebo.   Oh Happy Day.
In the meantime, we wish the best for all the Councilors who are working hard to figure out ways to keep the Town afloat.  As for me, unfortunately, I do not see why we needed an extra employee and in fact I don’t know why we have two others when we only need one and of course hopefully Tommie Jones.

I guess we could say that we all got a new perspective by walking in each other’s shoes and for that I am grateful.  It is time that Good overcame Evil and it may happen with Helen Miller at the Helm;

Karin for the blog

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