Great Day Stith Resigned

A Stand Up citizen had the following complaint but the great news of the day is Steve Stith resigned as fire chief today.  There is no one who can protect little Andrew unless Stacy Tebo does something loathsome.  Yet, she has been asked by the White Springs Council to seek Mr. Land’s assistance in the County temporarily taking us over but most importantly since Chief Kevin Pittman was the greatest Fire Chief we have ever had, she was asked to contact Mr. Pittman to see if he is willing and able to take the position again.  Of course Tonja and Spencer objected as they usually do but we, the Citizens are tired of not having a fire department and this is a good day. Of course Ms. Tebo does not care about this Town and even though Mr. Pittman is the best of the best, I rather doubt if she would contact him again even though the Council has the right to do something in this matter as policy.  Up to this time, Tebo would have allowed the Town to burn just to keep Steve and Andrew on the Fire Department to receive some additional pay. . More tomorrow.  We love Kevin Pittman!!!!


I just want to know where are there big shit talkers who keep trying to defend little fuck boy Andrew and his gate keeper Steve i would love to hear what them folks have to say no its proven facts there’s not denying it so come on born an stupid an where is your worst nightmare at lets hear what you have to say now. After you fucks got hit with the truth you all shut your mouth because you are nothing but a coward a fake you are not scary your not intimidating don’t try an be some kind of hard ass because you ain’t. So i would love to hear from born and stupid and the worst nightmare person please weigh in on this.


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  1. I doubt that Tebo will contact Mr. Pittman. She will most likely contact the county and ask them to take over. It is nothing short of a slap in the face to even ask Mr. Pittman to act as interim chief after what they did to him and the rest of the volunteers. Even if the request was that he and his entire team take over full time for good Andrew is still there.The same Andrew that the entire WSFD resigned over because their vote of no confidence was ignored. He was a danger then and he is a danger now, If he even shows up. Which has obviously not been happening.

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