There is no need for this town to buy a minihoe we could have leased one or rent one as need. The backhoe sat at city hall for months an month’s before it was moved to work on the sink hole it had been sitting so long they had to jump it off to get it started so why on earth do we need another piece of equipment to have it just sit around. Plus there is only one person who can operate it so what are we going to do if he is gone or quits or gets fired. This town could have gone to the county an asked them help leasing out ditches if that is the main reason they are buying it that’s what i got out of the meeting

Hamilton county has a gradeall witch is made to clean an dig ditches we could have gotten some kind of agreement with them to help us out instead of spending $47,000 on a minihoe. He wants an attachment/bushhog for it to do the Bridges well here is a easy fix and a cheaper one at that its called a weedeater;  stop being so damn lazy trust me it sucks sometimes.

I had 13 bridges to mow and weedeat.  I’ve been doing this type of work for most of my life. We could have got a lease on a minihoe for just over 20,000 for 5 years an after the 5 years is up sell it back to them for 10,000 an get a brand new one.

I do not see a need for it when the man spends less then 50 hours a month id say probably 15 to 20 hours is all he might be doing on ditches so why the hell do we need to spend $47,000 for something that won’t get used everyday; plus has anyone of them dumb shits at city realized that we are going to need to spend another $10,000 to $12,000 on a trailer to move this thing around so now we are in it for well over $50,000.  This makes absolutely no sense to me but apparently it makes great sense to the rat the lofty and the Mindless an don’t forget the Thief Stacy. This towns council is just one big ass joke. They will spend 47,000 for a minihoe to clean ditches out but they gave the fire department hell for spending $3,000 to get the fire truck fixed so that way it could save lives, your house, our houses; give me a break!

Them 3 dumb shits need to go Lofton is a push over look how the rat just ran him over an took control of the meeting this is why this town is in the shape its in because we allow stupid people with moral values or a bit of Common Sense to run this town

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