YU commented on Our fight for money for the Fire Department in 2017.

in response to Joe Griffin:

In reviewing the Revenue Items from the budget relating to the Fire Department, it appears the Revenue item pertaining to $17,000 the County provides the White Springs Fire Department is just considered Public Safety Revenue but not listed specifically under the line item expenses for the Fire Department. Under Public Safety there are two reserves:  … Continue reading “Our fight for money for the Fire Department in 2017”

The town of White Springs does not have a Fire Department at this time yes Steve can say what he wants he may have names on paper but no one goes to the station if it was not for EMS being there the building would sit empty an run down like the old one. Steve is a liar he may speak of all these things he is doing but in reality nothing is being done. I have seen first hand just Steve an Andrew at the station working on somethings but no other volunteer i have seen Steve there by himself putting hose on one of the truck again no other volunteers where there. Steve does not care to have a department be just wants to keep the building open so little baby Andrew can have a play pen an to keep his office away from city hall. There is no reason to keep Steve or Andrew in the Department or pay them money for services they are not providing. It is time to get ride of the trash an start fresh Fire them two from there positions an hire someone new someone who really cares about the town an its people. Steve you need to leave once again an never look back on your way out take your boy toy Andrew with you before you get or him get someone killed.


  1. Tonight at 1030pm the fire department was page for a medical call on 41 not sure if it was in white springs or just outside of town in Columbia county. Andrew got on the radio 10 mins after the call came out an was trying to ditch the call because he was coming from his house 20+ mins away. He made sure to ask if he was needed or could he cancel probably never even left his drive way or his house. Luckily this call was in Columbia county an there fire rescue an ems handled the call. On another note never once hurd Steve he was probably to busy sleeping or out of town. O well just happy that the person got the best level of care from what i was told by a third party.

  2. Yet again folks a call goes out in town for fire an ems. Yet again Little baby joe joe is in town an never shows up why do we pay him for his service when he never shows up he never went enroute to the call he was to busy following the public works guy around. Why do we give him a vehicle pay for the gas an maintenance when he does not use it this is a joke if he feels like this town owes him something he is certainly mistaken i think its the other way around he pwes the town lots of money for time we have paid him to do a job he hardly does he also owes the town his resignation letter time for you to move on little baby joe joe O thats right you can not make it anywhere outside of white springs the real world would knock you slap out. Leave town with your tail between your legs like the little bitch you are.

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