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Trump cancels pay raise for government workers, citing the ‘nation’s fiscal situation’ »
Trump cancels pay raise for government workers, citing the ‘nation’s fiscal situation’President Donald Trump ruined the Labor Day holiday for some 1.87 million federal civilian union workers today when he announced that their scheduled pay increases will be rescinded. More »

The hard work is just beginning

Rick Scott

Thu, Aug 30, 4:00 PM (18 hours ago)
Hello Joe,

I want to thank all those who voted in this week’s primary, and I am honored to officially be your Republican nominee for Senate!

What this means though, is that the hard work is just beginning. Nelson and Schumer’s enormous ad buy has already begun, and we haven’t quite reached our August fundraising goals to fight back.

We still have time, but not much. Donate to Team Scott before the month is over, and help us spread our message of Making Washington Work. Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in this election.


Rick Scott

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Candace Owens Digs Up Old Obama Quote on Immigration That Goes Viral
Conservative commentator Candace Owens found a quote in former President Barack Obama’s political manifesto ‘The Audacity of Hope’ that appears to fly in the face of current Democratic Party orthodoxy concerning immigration. Read more…
Nixon Tricked Cuomo into Devastating Admission During Heated Debate
Posted by Joe Saunders
For America-hater Cuomo to make a mistake on this level, in public, shows just how scared he is of Nixon and how under his skin she already is. Read more…
Opinion: What Do McCain’s Final Words Say About Him?
Posted by Terry Ray
‘In the first passage, McCain expresses his profound love for his wife and his children. But the extraordinary second passage is written for just one man: Donald Trump.’ Read more…
NPR Claims Trump Has No Evidence of Tampering, Then Proves He Does
Posted by Kara Pendleton
In its headline, NPR claimed President Trump had no evidence to back up his tweet. Then the next paragraph listed everything that supported Trump’s tweet. Read more…
Man Who Took Pickax to Trump’s Star Now Facing Years in Prison
Posted by Ben Marquis
Looks like this Trump-hater’s about to learn that in the real world actions have consequences. Read more…
Trump-Hating ESPN Reporter Gets Rude Awakening
Posted by Lisa Payne-Naeger
If we ever see her on TV again it’ll be too soon. Read more…
NY Governor Calls ICE Agents ‘Thugs,’ Gets Reality Check from Former ICE Director
Posted by Todd Windsor
The former acting ICE director lobbed a truth bomb directly at New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Read more…
New Chinese Super Carrier Is So Bad It Can Hardly Leave Naval Bases
Posted by Ben Marquis
So not only can it not defend itself from modern attack planes, it can’t launch modern attack planes either. And if it strays too far away from naval bases, it can be sunk. What an embarrassment. Read more…
Dana Loesch Drops Unexpected Fact Check on Martin O’Malley’s Anti-NRA Agenda
Posted by The Western Journal
Dana isn’t backing down … Read more…
Dick’s Gets Nasty Surprise After Taking Anti-Gun Stance
Posted by Benjamin Arie
We tried to warn them, but did they listen? Nope. It’s the same every time. We warn liberals what they want to do will hurt everyone, including themselves. They accuse us of being extreme. They carry out their plan. Everyone suffers. Every. Single. Time. Read more…
Fox News Celebrates Major Ratings Milestone After Topping All Cable News Networks Again
Posted by Savannah Pointer
This really is a mind-blowing achievement. Read more…

Well, Technology Has Done It Again… Bye Bye, Smartphone

Report: Trump Warned Congress He Will Never Sign ‘Last-Minute, Massive Omnibus Spending Bill Again’

How Environmentalists Are Weaponizing Attorneys General Against Freedom to “Fight” Global Warming

Meet the FBI Hero Who Revealed Trove of Hillary Emails on Weiner Laptop, Exposed Comey-Strzok Criminality

FBI Leaked Stories, Then Used Them to Obtain FISA Warrants on Trump Campaign

Look In You Wallet, Which Kind Of Bills Do You Have?

BOMBSHELL: Will the Catholic church recover from this?

What researchers have just uncovered is baffling Christians all over the world… [here’s why]

I was able to find a short video here that exposes the controversial details. But I have to warn you: it may change the way you think about the Catholic church.

Click here for the full story.

The Catholic Church is doing everything in its power to make sure this doesn’t get out. You MUST watch this video before it’s taken down.

Latest News….

BREAKING: 15 Murdered – Hillary Clinton Caught – WORSE Than Benghazi

This is chilling.

Read the details…

Kanye West Makes Brand New Comments About Trump, And The Media Won’t Like It

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REPORT: Chinese Company Got Up-To-The-Minute Copies Of Hillary’s Emails After They Hacked Her

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PETTY: McCain Wanted Obama To Speak At His Funeral, Yet Sarah Palin WASN’T EVEN INVITED

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LOL: Donors Of Michael Cohen’s GoFundMe Are Now Wanting REFUNDS After Lawyer Admits He Lied

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The mainstream media is trying to pretend like usDEPLORABLES are few and our cause is LOST!

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