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Hello Karin,

For the better part of the past two decades, the word “google” has become synonymous with search engines themselves.

This is because Google has single-handedly dominated the search engine market. While smaller alternatives still exist, their market share is miniscule by comparison. So, if a bias does exist, it’s impacting the entire population.

This is why when President Donald Trump says he wants to regulate one of the largest tech companies on Earth, it’s a big deal.

Click here to learn why Trump may be right about Google.

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Amazon’s Shocking Next Move? [Trump Won’t See It Coming]

I’m sure you’ve seen the Trump vs. Amazon story in the news…

But there’s a much BIGGER story the media is not reporting…

You see, it’s no secret Amazon has been disrupting several industries…

And now they’re set to shock the world with one single move…

Depending on your situation, it could disrupt your savings for retirement.

Click here to see the details.

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BREAKING: Terrifying Pallbearer Mistake at McCain’s Funeral – Wow

Wow – this is alarming.

Read the details…

New Allegations Pope Ignored Abuse, Resignation Demands Grow

Ben Carson News
New bombshell allegations about the cover-up of sexual abuse – by Pope Francis himself – have sparked the most serious crisis of his five-year papacy.

Now new reports have surfaced that as cardinal of Buenos Aires, Francis ignored a widespread abuse problem among his clergy.

Special: 9 Overlooked Free Benefits for People Over 50

This follows the report of an explosive 11-page letter written by the Vatican’s retired ambassador to the United States, conservative Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, charging the Pope and other Vatican officials knew former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who served as archbishop of Washington, D.C., had sexually abused seminarians – yet covered up those abuses.

Archbishop Vigano has urged the pontiff to resign.

Edward Pentin, the correspondent for the National Catholic Register who first broke the story on Vigano’s letter, spoke exclusively to Newsmax from Rome.

Read Newsmax’s Full Report – Go Here Now

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Doctor Shows How The Root Of All Skin Problems Starts HERE…

NY Governor Suspended Harvey Weinstein Investigation – Right After Weinstein’s Lawyers Gave Him a Bag of Money

Mainstream Media Rushes to Defend Silicon Valley from Conservatives

Trudeau’s Global Warming Hysteria Could Screw Canada During NAFTA Talks

Liberal Hacks Completely Lie about DeSantis Quote to Smear Him

The Owners Of This Company Are TRUE Patriots

The #1 Breakthrough In Pain Management In Decades

People may not want to admit it – but there are a lot of incredible health benefits that start and begin with hemp and cannabis. Recently, the case has been made for CBD being a better pain manager than anything Big Pharma can produce. See why doctors say it’s true HERE…

Warning: Your phone could stop working by the end of the year

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Trump Just Saved American Taxpayers $25,000,000,000, And Liberals Are FUMING

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Liberals Boycott After ‘In N Out’ Donates To GOP; Then HILARIOUS Counter-Boycott Goes Viral

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MUST SEE: Ted Cruz Gets Standing Ovation After Chilling Confrontation With Beto O’Rourke Supporter

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Democrat Threatens ICE Agents If They Follow Trump Orders; “You Will Not Be Safe”

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The mainstream media is trying to pretend like usDEPLORABLES are few and our cause is LOST!

We at ILMF strongly disagree and DEFEND our great country by wearing our PATRIOTISM with PRIDE!


American Liberty Report
Censorship by the Big Tech giants used to be kept hush, hush. They would hold secret meetings in rooms that were regularly swept for bugging devices so they couldn’t get caught discussing efforts to crackdown on conservative speech.

But now—emboldened by the liberal media’s endorsement of their illegal acts against conservatives—the Silicon Valley elitists are being a lot more open about their censorship meetings. They don’t even care anymore if you know what they do. Just recently Google, Twitter, and Facebook ADMITTED to holding meetings about how to prevent the spread of ‘misinformation’ across their platforms.

Read what program Facebook acknowledged they are expanding and what you need to watch out for as a conservative if you use social media.

~ American Liberty Repo

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