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Urgent: Do You Believe Russia Helped Donald Trump Become President?

Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate’s Campaign Ad

Idiots at CNN: President Trump Sure Got Lucky Inheriting This Robust Economy from Obama

Illegal Aliens Continue to Flood in Through Unwalled Section of Arizona Border

$1 US Dollar Will Now Buy You 924,000 Gallons of Gas in Socialist Venezuela

Can We Give Israel The Miracle It Needs?



Breaking News:

– Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Broadway Protest Outside White House- Read More Click Here

– 74 People Shot in Chicago Over the Weekend

Austin Liberals Want to Rename City – Read More Click Here

– Iranian People Want Their Government to Negotiate with Trump

Get With the Program – Read More Click Here

– Liberals Will HATE What Jeff Sessions Just Did

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Can’t Hide Her Ignorance – Read More Click Here

– Trump Wouldn’t Have Won Without Russia

Narrative That Trump is Soft on Russia – Read More Click Here

– Have No Business Keeping Security Clearance

Tries Desperately to Salvage Russia Investigation – Read More Click Here

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Restore American Glory

Rosie Gets Surprise Rebuke After Going Too Far Even for CNN Hack Cuomo
When even a CNN hack like Cuomo warns someone they’re going too far down the liberal rabbit hole, you know the person has lost touch with reality… just like Rosie. Read more…
Republican Legislator Appears To Win Dramatic Comeback Victory After Trump Endorsement
President Trump is already celebrating, calling it a ‘great victory.’ Read more…
Legal Immigrant Running for House Hits Dems with Nightmare Message
Posted by Ben Marquis
Not only is this legal immigrant running for Congress as a conservative, he’s also determined to help Trump build his wall. All I can say is that any conservative legal immigrant who says it’s time to build a ‘big wall’ and ‘put Americans first’ is someone I’d love to vote for. Read more…
Text Messages Reveal Christopher Steele’s Concern over Senate’s Inquiry into Trump Dossier
Posted by Chuck Ross
‘We’re very concerned… We need some reassurances.’ Read more…
Sessions Stands Defiant After Judge Rules He Must Reinstate DACA
Posted by Ben Marquis
Sessions said that the courts ‘have improperly used judicial power to steer, enjoin, modify, and direct executive policy.’ Read more…
Grassley Finds Solution to Christopher Steele Dodging Congressional Interview
Posted by Chuck Ross
Do you think this will actually work? Read more…
‘Prideful’ Vandal Who Destroyed Trump’s Star Gets Hit with Federal Charge, Possible Jail Time
Posted by Bryan Chai
Looks like this man won’t be smiling for too long. Have fun in that jail cell, bud. Read more…
Watch: Angry CNN Host Implies Common Weather Event Is Proof of Climate Change
Posted by Jack Davis
It seems the CNN host got angry due to lack of understanding of the basics of weather. Read more…
Black Leadership Group Defies Liberals, Scorches NYT Over Anti-White Editor
Posted by Ben Marquis
The left’s stranglehold on American minorities is weakening as minorities begin to realize just how unfair and hate-filled leftists really are. Good for this group for daring to take a stand — they’ll be branded traitors by a lot of leftists and Democrats.Read more…
Cohen Under Federal Investigation for Taxi Medallions
Posted by Chuck Ross
Well, I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Read more…
Judge Erases Right to Privacy, Rules Schoolgirls Must Share Bathroom with Males
Posted by Bryan Chai
If you don’t want your little girl in a restroom with a strange male, you’re a bigot. Read more…
Black Lives Matter Crash Wedding To Accost Police Officer
Posted by Jessica Kramer
Do you think Black Lives Matter crossed the line with their latest protest? Read more…
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