With the consideration of S.H.E. being leased to the town, the Town would have to provide the same limits of property, liability and miscellaneous coverages herein outlined.

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I got your information. Thanks. What are the “Statement of Values” for the blanket coverage of 1/4 of a billion dollars. What does the entire policy cost per year?

Joe Griffin

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Mr. Griffin,

Please see below our response to your public records request dated August 8, 2018. We do not have a report of the condition of the school, but all major systems are operational. Some air handlers for specific rooms require maintenance, but plumbing, electrical, and sewer are all fully functional.

Please respond to this email to indicate receipt.


Michael D. Vinson Jr., CPA
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I find four buildings for Hamilton in White Springs, FL:  16693 Spring St., White Springs, FL  32052 00001-4-A Classrooms 00002-4-A Gym 00004-4-A Cafeteria 00007-4-A Classroom 1. The amount of Property Insurance provided the main building and additions to SHE?

2. Is Building Glass covered?

3. The Personal Property/contents coverage limit which remain in the buildings which may not be within the building definition of maintenance equipment or equipment permanently attached to the building?

4. The valuation of the Property (i.e. replacement coverage; functional replacement; Actual Cash Value taking into consideration depreciation)?
Replacement Cost

5 The Coinsurance Percentage for a partial loss and the deductible carried No Coinsurance, Agreed Value; AOP Deductible $200,000    (AOP= All other perils other than named hurricane) Agreed Value (suspends or eliminates the coinsurance if a statement of value or an appraisal is provided the insurance company for an additional premium of five percent)

6. The perils under which the building is insured (i.e. Basic Insurance perils; Basic Insurance Perils without Windstorm; Broad Form Perils with or without Windstorm; Risks of Direct Physical Loss with or without Windstorm coverage) Such reference to Windstorm shall include “Hurricane” coverage?
risks of direct physical loss or damage to Insured Property, except as excluded.  Including Windstorm and Named Hurricane.

7 If Windstorm including Hurricane coverage is provided, the percentage (%) deductible listed on your policy?

8. Is S.H.E. provided a “Vacancy Permit” for 90 or 120 days and the perils therein covered?
Yes.  120 Days. All perils as noted above, Item 6.

9. Is S.H.E. provided Building Ordinance Coverage (i.e. Increased Cost of Construction, demolition, and Loss to the undamaged portion of your building and the limit(s) provided each) Yes. $7,500,00 Each, coverages A, B, C.

10. The limits of liability provided for the premises and operations of S.H.E. (i.e. Each Occurrence/ Aggregate limits)?
$1,000,000 Including SIR – Occurrence; No aggregate.  (The Town’s limit including police, general liability, etc is only $300,000

11. Is S.H.E. insured under a separate Owners’ landlords’ and Tenants’ liability policy, or is it included under the Hamilton County School Board’s Policy?
Included under the School Board’s policy.

12. Is S.H.E. included under the School Board’s Umbrella or excess Liability Policy?

13. Please advise the Limit of Liability provided S.H.E. under the Umbrella and/or Excess Policy?
Part of coverage provided to Hamilton County School Board.
General Liability – $1,000,000 including SIR Auto Liability – $1,000,000 Including SIR School Board Miscellaneous Liability – $1,000,000 Including SIR Employee Benefits Liability – $1,000,000 Including SIR Excess WC/EL – $500,000 Including SIR Law Enforcement Liability – $1,000,000 Including SIR   (Since no SIR=Self Insurance Retention like a deductible is shown, it means one has to keep the primary limits required by the insurer to be provided umbrella coverage.  In this case the $1,000,000 general Liability limit/no aggregate is required in order to have a $1,000,000 Umbrella Liability Insurance,  If you did not provide the $1,000,000 underlying insurance, you technically would be responsible for $1,000,000 for the umbrella limit to kick in. meaning you are not retaining the limit required to be provided umbrella coverage.  There is also a stipulation that if an umbrella liability policy is not concurrent with the general liability policy and there was a loss paid out on the general liability, your SIR would be the amount of loss paid because you would not have a full $1,000,000 limit if such loss was for the same occurrence.)

14. Is Liability coverage provided on an occurrence basis or on a “Claims-made” basis.
General Liability, Auto Liability, Law Enforcement Liability – Occurrence; School Board Miscellaneous Liability, Employee Benefits Liability – Claims Made

15, If on a Claims-Made policy advise if claim or incident reporting is required?
Yes, claim and incident reporting is required.

16. If on a Claims-Made policy, please advise the retrospective rating date?
SBML – 7/1/82; EBL – 7/1/86

17. Is there a boiler on premises and the limit provided?
I do not have information of a boiler located at this property.  $250,000,000 Blanket limit all premises.    If there is no boiler, the School includes Boiler and Machinery coverage at the limit shown above which essentially provides “Mechanical Breakdown” coverage not provided under property insurance coverage due to an Accident.  The only mechanical breakdown included under a property policy is elevator collision otherwise the mechanical breakdown policy would include rupture or bursting caused by centrifugal force. Coverage is provided not only for boilers but turbines, electrical machinery, air compressing units, air conditioning units, electrical switchgear, press breaks, punch presses, saws, flame cutters lathe mills, drills, hoist motors, generators, electrical distribution equipment, transformers, fans, pumps and gears and other similar objects for direct physical loss and indirect loss caused by an “Accident” defined as sudden and accidental breakdown of the “Object” or part of the “Object” and it is on a repair or replacement basis usually. There are exclusions relating to “Accident” and boiler and machinery coverage does not include sewer piping, underground gas piping, piping forming part of a sprinkler system or Water piping other than boiler feed-water piping, boiler condensate returning pipe or water piping forming part of a refrigerating or air conditioning system. With a school, it would “Exclude” production machines since a school is not a manufacturer or assembler.  There are usually sub-limits for expediting expense, spoilage, off premises service (utility) interruption; ammonia contamination, water damage; hazardous substance or Ordinance or Law coverage.

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