Why I am so irritated with our ignorant council

The reason I was so disgusted with Rhett Bullard, and Walter McKenzie In our August 14th meeting was due to the fact that Befaithful Coker provided our each councilor a letter of extortion in my opinion.  It said they had to provide her a $3,000 amount over the $10,000 already given by the  Donor’s Organization.  She said it was promised to her but Nikki and Helen stated that was not the case.

Rhett Bullard insinuated that he dealt with these things before with Helen Miller, not even knowing the IRS law about Donor organizations.  His insinuation was also wrong because he worked very hard to unseat Dr. Miller, when if it had not been for Donor funds, the Children of White Springs would not have had all the programs she provided..

Rhett Bullard instead believed Befaithful and asked Manager Tebo whether we had $3000 to give Ms. Coker and Ms. Tebo stated affirmatively that the Town did.

Walter McKenzie asked Ms. Coker whether she would drop the other matters in the letter, including specifically the suit.  Ms. Coker said that she suffered costs, but would not advise what they were when asked, and she very much intended not only to get her $3000 but to sue the Town as well.

That is the reason I am totally upset with the council.  Rhett Bullard dislikes or rather “hates” Dr. Miller so much because of his envy of her achievements that he condemns her every chance he gets.   We’ll see what happens at Dr. Miller’s court case against the Town when the attorneys are allowed oral arguments on September 13th set now at 9:00 am in Tallahassee.

However, we will try to secure the information so that the people in White Springs may see the trial streaming on their computers and provide it on the blog.

We have no  idea who is telling Attorney Elkind, the attorney without a contract with the Town, as to how to handle the Town’s defense.  It is up to the Council to provide such information to the attorney so we have no idea what these Councilors are thinking.

This is why I have no respect for our current council.  They have no sane ideas or legal background and I begin to think Rhett Bullard slept through his legal classes and God only knows how he passed the bar.  In Hamilton county, it doesn’t matter what you know, it is who you know in the Good ole Boy school.


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