Why do we want to build the community center in a Swamp?

A community workshop has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 13 from 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm at the Old Carver School.   At the last meeting, the consultant gave the Town Council two site choices for the new community center – both of which are between the Carver School and residences on Mill Street.   Both sites are also likely to be in the way of stormwater runoff.  There will be a stormwater runoff pond to be dug next to the new community center. 


When asked if there is higher ground at the Carver five acre site, the consultant said YES there is.   It is at the Northwest corner of the property.  When asked why this site wasn’t one of the sites he proposed, I guess the consultant was told where the center has to go, and he did as he was told.  But no one is willing to say who told the consultant where to draw in the center..  In fact Joe Griffin mentioned the Northwest corner as being the highest area of land from the audience when the map was discussed initially and initially the consultant said we didn’t have to worry, there would be no water but we do not believe that.
The two choices given to the Town Council both had parking next to the road with the new center off further from the road.  When the Town had a big debate about the new Dollar General building, the Town told Dollar General that the new building had to be next to the road (Highway 41), not the parking.  The Town was concerned about “curb appeal and aesthetics”.  Why is it that now that  the Town is constructing a new building, the rules are different, or is the Town just going to break its own rules again?


In the last couple of months, the town Council was forced into a fire drill by the Town Manager.  She was in a tizzy in order to get a proposal into the state for money for a park at the Carver property.  But even today, we don’t know where or what this park is supposed to be and where on the property.


When the council was given the two choices for the new community center, the consultant acted like he didn’t know anything about a park.


The question was raised, can’t we all see a map of the entire five acres and have an adult community talk about each of these projects – community center and park?  Just to remind everyone of where all this started years ago – like about 10 years ago.  This was supposed to be a storm shelter / multi-purpose center for the community.  LAST YEAR when the Town made the application to the state, they forgot about the storm shelter – they were in such a hurry to submit the application, they didn’t even want people to know what was proposed.  Now, it’s “oops” time, and some of them want to raise taxes.  Just because they didn’t plan right doesn’t mean we have to pay more in taxes.  The Town manager needs to do a much better job planning and budgeting – or at least figuring out what the Town really needs.


If you care about any of this, you need to talk to ALL of your council members, and you need to SHOW UP at the meeting on August 13th.  If enough of us ask questions, maybe we may get some answers.



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