Who in WS Government made all the bad decisions on the Community Center?

For those who wish the Washington Carver School to be demolished, the good news is that even though the County previously said they would require $160,000 for the project, they now have agreed to demolish the building at NO COST TO THE TOWN.
It was nice to see so many people at the Workshop.  And one gentleman who I have never met, spoke for his community.   Where the Town expected to build the building on the East side, the citizens complained that it is a wet land as Joe mentioned previously.  The only area which would not be wet would be the West End, which is a distance for many to get to who walk.  The solution the community came up with was that the building be built on the ground of the Carver School, once it is demolished.   That truly is the perfect solution.
Although the location is perfect, the fact that we only have $400,000 to work with after paying engineering and attorney’s fees is a sham.  Our Town Government never does anything for anyone, especially is for those people who live on the East end of Mill Street.  They are only willing to give the community a metal building in the swamp.   Thank God for the community fighting back.
And part of that fight pertains to the promise of having a “Hurricane” proof building as a shelter. If our Government would not make the decisions on their own without giving options to the community, we could have had the entire $600,000 grant (no engineering or attorney fees) to build a Modular Hurricane proof building larger than the 40′ x 80′ we are proposing or 3,200 square feet (which the people were told would be 4,000 sq. feet or hold 200 people)   Technology has improved and Modular Buildings are at least 30% less than constructing a building which we are doing; plus Modular Buildings are hurricane proof providing a shelter which the community has desired.   Modular buildings are now being used for hotels and all types of office buildings, schools, etc.  And here is a photo of such a modular building located in Tampa. 
The problem is, we do not know who made these decisions?  Who decided the building should be at the East End Swamp?   Who decided that the building should be constructed in metal which if there is ever a fire, the metal would twist and would never be a fire deter-ant, much less would the building be hurricane proof unless we pay another $50,000 to $100,000.   Is this Stacy Tebo’s decision or Spencer Lofton’s?   Why couldn’t our Town look at options other than securing the same contractors who did not do such a great job on our fire department?  A modular Building would not have had engineering fees and it could be set up much sooner than December of 2020.  It could be set up as soon as the site demolition is done at the Carver School.   It is frustrating that our Town does not keep up with the times and that we don’t care what is done for the East End of Mill Street and that is WRONG!!

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