White Springs Town Manager applies to Lake City

Type in black are Stacy’s words to Lake City. Type in RED are my comments about Stacy’s words and lies.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am interested in working for Lake City, and I am applying for the Assistant City Manager position.
Of course she is interested. She is fixing to be fired from her job at Town Manager for incompetence.
 have been working in local government since 1996 when I received my Masters of Public Administration degree from UCF.  The positions I’ve held have given me a wide variety of experience in local government.  I worked in the City of Sanford Community Cevelopment Department for seven years and gained extensive knowledge of planning, grants, code enforcement, permits and licensing; I developed the budgets annually for the licensing and code enforcement divisions.  Being the code enforcement manager exposed me to many challenging situations.  I reported monthly to the City Commission and the Code Enforcement Board, and I submitted written reports to both.
Funny, the town of Sanford doesn’t remember it that way. A quick public records request will prove this statement to be true. Where is her work for Publix or Winn-Dixie? That’s the only job she could get after school. She has not enforced the zoning code, the Land Development Regulations, in her three years here.
After I was laid off from Sanford, due to a RIF, I went to work for six months at Volusia County as a zoning technician.  I’m very familiar with applications for special exceptions, rezoning, variances and comprehensive plan amendments.
 She was not laid off for an RIF. Which government reduces itself in size, and even if they miraculously did that, they wouldn’t lay off a competent employee, they would get rid of the DEAD WOOD first. A quick Public Records Request, which I made three years ago proves me correct. Same STORY for Volusia County. Laid off, according to public documets,obtained three years ago. She gets laid off from every job she’s had except Publix/Winn-Dixie and the only reason I give her the benefit of the doubt here is because Winn-Dixie is not required to keep Public Records.
From April 2005 to May of 2015, I was employed by the City of DeBary as the City Clerk.  I was also serving as the HR Director until March of 2014 when the manager reorganized.  I communicated with the elected officials almost daily.  I interacted regularly with neighboring cities and Volusia County.  I’m comfortable working with various internal departments and external government agencies.
Tell us about the three year lawsuit you filed first with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Talking to elected official was specifically forbidden by her boss. Yet she did so anyway which was one of the REASONS she was terminated at DeBary and was unemployed for three months. Its always reorganization. Call it what you want… it a firing for sure. Do a 119 request of DeBary. They have spent 3 years and upward of $75,000 defending itself from this “ladies” charges. Tell us about the taking away of your Public Records Custodian job and the Human Resources Job. We should be honest here, shouldn’t we?
Back to the LAWSUIT. She first lost in the EEOC attempt, then in the Federal Trial Court and the Appellate court should be decided upon any day now. Its been five months now for the Appellate court to rule. During that lawsuit she did not admit to personal use of drugs like she did in White Springs but DeBary suspects that is the reason for her mood changes and the like and she accused her BOSS of all sorts of  non-sexual charges. She complained about his anti-feminine  language  which two courts have rejected and the third will reject, I believe,as well.
Since September of 2015, I have been serving as the Town Manager for the Town of White Springs.  White Springs is a small organization, and I wear many hats.  Because we are fiscally constrained, we rely on grants for most projects; we also must be extremely cognizant of spending.  We’ve just been awarded $600,000 in CDBG funds to build a community center.  We have a $50,000 FRDAP grant to improve our ballfield this year and we completed a two-phase $100,000 FRDAP grant at Willie Guy Turner Park last year.  At the end of 2018, we completed construction of a new boat ramp and ADA boarding platform funded through FWC, FBIP for $298,000.  We’re completing design on two FDOT  SCOP grants right now for paving and drainage improvements totalling about $525,000.   We have a volunteer fire department and have received grants in two successive years for air packs and personal protection equipment through the State.  We’ve currently secured a $150,000 grant from USDA-RD for a fire engine, with the remainder being funded through a low interest loan.  The biggest project we’re working on is the $3.6 millio sewer rehabilitation project funded through SRF; 80% is grant with the town repaying the other 20% over thirty years at 0% interest.  There is always a continuous drive to look for more grant funding.
It’s all about GRANT funding for this town manager. As one Mayor said, “We like a town manager who knows how to BEG.”  But lets look at the facts, the real facts, for a moment. When Tebo became town manager we, the Town,  had spent four years digging ourselves out of a financial “hole”. We finally had six months of reserve funding in the Bank. That surplus is now gone as Tebo points out in her letter to the City of Lake City. Buy this, buy that, spend the people’s money like we had a never ending supply of the stuff. Why not she isn’t a resident of the town and the Town Council, all of them, lack the gonads to stop the hemerroging. The lead thing is we bought an excavator which the town hasn’t hardly used. That $60,000 might as well been poured down a rat hole. “She might SUE us”, they say. NO balls at all. They hired her, they can fire her.
And speaking of Leadership, she recently took a week  off without telling anyone including her office staff. On Tuesday morning the Director of Finance didn’t know where she was. Some example. She regularily takes Monday mornings and Friday afternoons off without permission. It got so bad once that the Council member closest to Tebo would sit in Tebo’s office with her on Friday afternoons just to keep Tebo in her office.
I am a loyal dedicated employee, and I always strive to do the right thing.  Please contact my references; these are a sampling of professional people I have worked with over my career.  You will find that the overriding theme is that I am a conscientious employee who is always looking out for the best interests of the organization.  I love local government and I have the knowledge, education and experience required for this position.  Thank you for your consideration.
You have got to be kidding me. Dedicated? No way. Always striving to do the right thing. If it benefits Tebo, then to hell with the town and her contract and job. Her references are a joke, all of them are former employees. The dead wood goes first. The overriding theme of her work years is being terminated for cause from the four jobs we know about. She is a fraud and a cheat and she has no place in North Central Florida, yet according to rumor Lake City has put on the “short list” for consideration. Conscientious employee? Not hardly. Looking out for the best interest of the organization? NOT HARDLY either. She loves local government because where could she find a job in the public sector? I submit that no one except a brain-dead Public government would ever think of hiring her or worse yet, rehiring her.
Read the facts in the 119 files. That will show  you who Tebo really is and the excrement she is made of.




Stacy Tebo.

So goes the story of Stacy Tebo and her fool’s walk through four government jobs. Only to wind up here in White Springs with a council, three members especially, who think her crap doesn’t stink. Who’d of thought that those three members are not educated, one doesn’t even have a GED. Yet Tebo plays them like a Stradivarius violin. That’s her only real skill in life, finding a poor desperate person or town and getting all she can out of them. Ask Debary, Sanford, Volusia County and even Winn-Dixie, they will tell you  the truth.


Joe Griffin – Editor


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