White Springs is not the place to start a business at its present state!!!

In White Springs we have spoken for years about how we would like new businesses to move here.  In Hamilton County we need a large facility whether a warehouse and distribution center or a factory of some sort to replace Neutrient when it goes out of business here.  At least Hamilton County has a plan to provide incentives to a business should it elect to move here, but White Springs is definitely another story.
Adams Store is not only a well constructed building but a historic building..one of the first you see at the intersection of Highway 41 and County Road 136.   We understand that a Craft Brewery wished to purchase the Adams Store for a brewery and would hire twenty-six people to work there.  Well, from what we have mentioned, I am certain you know why the buyer probably ran for the hills.  White Springs has no infrastructure.   Not only was the water not of the quality to use for a brewery but the Town Staff on their own specified that there was no way in which the Town would be willing to lower their water pricing, which virtually would bankrupt a brewery.
It is understood that because of the cost of Water and Sewer, Carol Stob has had to increase the price of the use of washers and dryers, just to break even.  Prior to doing so she was losing money, so we understand those who cannot afford the new pricing are taking their laundry to Lake City.
Haven’t these wonderful council persons, especially those who have been on the council for years, done a great job?   It is time to determine what you can do to retain businesses rather than believing someone will just come into White Springs and start a business.  Not only do we have a poor infrastructure but the Town is as corrupt as it can get and we don’t even have a fire department.

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