What’s good for the Goose is not good for the Gander in White Springs

Isn’t it ironic?  Here we have the Washington Carver School which is under the historical register in the State of Florida and the majority of people on the East End of Mill state” demolish it” and replace it with a Community Center.   Then we have the old Town Hall building for which Dennis Price made an offer of $25,000 and we have a recent appraisal of $24,000 and the Town is afraid of losing this historical building should it be sold outright.  In other words, buildings which serve the Whites must remain, but buildings which serve the Black Community must go.


In speaking with Nikki Williams Father, years ago when Robert Townsend was Town Manager, Mr. Williams secured a $250,000 Grant to refurbish the Carver School.  But Robert Townsend had other ideas for the property and I am certain Mr. Williams had mentioned that Mr. Townsend had desired the area be a residential development.  Townsend said at the meeting however, he had planned for a community center and I would believe Mr. Williams far before I would believe Townsend.
Well Mr.  Townsend apparently wanting to show how gay he is, wore some short flimsy gym shorts to the meeting, saying “look at me” with my white “tennies” like as if we should want some. He could have still been our manager had he not decided to allegedly violate prisoners and ultimately get away with his illicit criminal acts again because he had Andrew get rid of the evidence so he couldn’t be incarcerated.


Townsend spoke about the history of the building and how if we sold it we would never get it back and that we should use it as a museum, which could show the African-American Culture as well.   Since Townsend was the Manager for a few years when Miller was mayor, they had many of the same ideas going.  Townsend bragging about history; Miller correcting him about certain areas; Miller handling the one up-man-ship relating to the University of Florida program whereby, interviews have been made of the local people which could be utilized in photographs and videos.  Miller brought up a suggestion whereby former Mayor McKire suggested a replica be made of the Carver School and Mayor Miller brought it forth in a manner of a diorama similar to the ones at Stephen Foster  Park which Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton wanted to do away with;  Townsend saying that in 1912, the building was the seat of government.   Miller stating that the building at the Veterans Park holds historical information and was to be a museum and she would be in favor of a museum.
Walter McKenzie said he felt we should increase the price over the $24,000 appraisal.  He said he knew of someone who had a building for sale for $125,000 and when no one considered it, he said he would have to change the price.  Instead of lowering it, he increased the price to $175,000 and then he received a buyer who purchased it.  So the council was considering a $50,000 amount, a $65,000 amount, etc because one can decrease but one cannot increase, usually. Tom Moore advised that if they increased the price over that which it was appraised for, an individual wishing to purchase the property through a bank would only be able to receive the amount of the appraisal for the loan and would have to come up with the excess.


In any event, it will be determined at a later date as to whether the property will be sold, or whether it will be rented, or whether it will remain as a historical museum after various repairs are done.


I asked Joe why the Police Department were not separate of Town Hall and why the Police Department did not remain at the Old Town Hall building.  I was told that it was Townsend’s idea that the police Department be at the New Town Hall under the Manager’s auspices.  Another bad idea or decision.  In fact, due to our not having the additional money that is necessary for making the Community Center hurricane proof, Mayor Helen Miller admitted the Council as a whole has made some bad decisions, such as buying the excavator we did not need.  But of course the Gang of Three at that time wished to appease an employee and Miller and McKenzie even though they disagreed with its purchase, were outvoted, so there was no “we” which made bad decisions but the “gang” Bullard, Brown and Lofton, made bad decisions.


That is the problem relating to all politicians.  Not a one can speak the truth and state how they feel because it may offend someone.  If more people would speak their inner thoughts and feelings like Trump perhaps the White Springs economy and life would be better and there would be a whole lot more respect for those elected in office.   So tired of everyone saying they will do something when they never will because to them it may not be politically correct.  So I ask you Councilors, were you not elected to do what is best for the people?  Not for what is best for you to be re-elected.
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Karin for the blog

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