What Secrets are Greene, Stith and Rhett keeping that allow such incompetency in the Town? Let us know or let the FBI or FDLE know.

I believe there is much more to this Andrew thing than meet the eyes.  We know that he tampered with evidence by destroying Townsend’s sex toy paraphernalia so Townsend would not be arrested and charged..  I realize that Rhett Bullard probably wished to protect his Cousin, but there has to be more and it probably relates to what Rhett has done..

Since it was known that the prior firefighters,  after Peeler was fired,  had sex parties at the old fire station which it is alleged Steve Stith was there as well, what says there were more secrets that they are hiding and not just on Townsend but on Rhett Bullard?

We know Tracy Rodriquenze got rid of evidence on Rhett Bullard’s computer by returning it to him so she can retain her job. 

We know there is drug use but that can’t be it.  It has to be far worse.

We know that neither former Town Clerk Shirley Heath who will tell you she’s the best Christian out there nor Pam Tomlinson who know all the secrets and where all the bodies are buried loved Robert Townsend and they knew exactly what he was doing?  

Was Andrew one who was sexually abused by any and all?   What is is that we don’t know?  We do know that blackouts can transpire if someone that has been sexually raped and are uncomfortable about it  try to black the incident out.  We certainly do not know if this is the case, but something is very corrupt and wrong in White Springs but hopefully someone will come to the forefront some day because what is happening is not good for this Town.  And  it will take a brave person but you will have many on your side and no one would have to know. 

I figure by now, Stacy probably knows about everything and she is keeping it hush as long as she has a job.   Rhett feels he cannot afford Helen Miller to be on the council because of she questions these corrupt behaviors but  I believe she probably knows more than she has ever said and Rhett better be careful because, perhaps, perhaps…Helen Miller may have names and dates that she can use.  She pretty much keeps things secret to anyone on the outside, but I wonder?.  And then there is Anita, who you fired, who probably also could tell some real stories about Town Hall and the actions of the Administration.  I can’t say for sure, but Helen Miller is well liked and the Current Administration is not.  Someone, anyone, has to stand up to these individual’s illicit behaviors or else we will never have a fire department or any EMS assistance.  And to think, the Fire Department could be making money with their own ambulance which may have cost less than the Excavator which certainly would bring in money which the excavator won’t..

Someone out there has to know what these people have done and the sooner it goes to Law Enforcement; not locally because it will be hidden and you will be threatened and bribed;  but FDLE in Tallahassee or the FBI.  The FBI definitely works with cases of sexual abuse and something is wrong in White Springs.  The excuses made to Fire Kevin Pittman were not even realistic so what is it?  What have they done to retain such incompetent staff?

We need to stop the bleeding of money from the Town and for the Citizens to have the services they should have.  To have a “real viable” Fire Department, does  a councilor’s house have to be hit by lightning and be set afire?  Does one of the councilors have to have a heart attack or stroke for them to do something?   Remember always the antique shop across from the Old Fire Department.  Stith was chief then and it burned to the ground because the Truck could not make it across the street.  Every time Stith is Fire Chief, something goes up in blazes.  This is not good White Springs.


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