We will not retain money in advance to pay loans on Capital Improvements by grants but wait until the next FY

The lighting which was hit by a vehicle remains untouched at Farron Fillya’s residence.  Instead of the town fixing the wiring and lighting and providing the negligent driver with the bill to pay the town back, the Town has done nothing waiting for the insurance companies to fix everything.  In the Meantime Ms. Tebo doesn’t believe there are live wire and the security tape was taken down.   This was Tebo’s responsibility.  It involved lighting owned by the Town which the Town needed to have repaired and then to bill the negligent party’s insurance company.  why is it that Tebo doesn’t know how to do anything and yet she condemned her DeBary town Manager believing she knew more than he did.

Stacy Tebo went through all of the draft budget, she and Pam Tomlinson prepared.We have the Usda rural Development grant for the fire engine of $285,000, the FRDAP Grant of $50,000, the CBDG Community Center grant and although we applied to the state fire Marshall grant for additional air packs, we did not get the grant but have received it for two years prior and will try again.

The Community Center construction will be paid as we get invoices.  the grantor pays and issues a check in three days.  These are reimbursements from the general fund.

In the enterprise fund the Sewer Rehabilitation will be paid in full and six months thereafter, the Town would have to start paying the $700,000 loan for our portion of that grant. There are two big projects that were to have started July 31st, then August 19th.  As soon as they agree, since they only have one person dealing with District 2 projects, it will stall take over a year to be completed..

We also owe the last payment of 45,000 on the Windsor fire engine and 412,895 on the new truck.   In accordance with the amounts owed on our Wastewater Treatment Plant, an amount of $32,867 will be due and the loan will be paid in 2032.   there is also another Loan of $40,965 for the water system I believe and we receive $45,000 a year from the county to offset that loan which ends in 2033.

Stacy Tebo reminded the Council that the cost of Living Index is to be applied to our water rates which Rural water, as part of the agreement for the asset Management Plan stated our water rates should be increased and the council likewise has an ordinance whereby they have elected not to increase the rates yearly.  This increase should be done in October of 1.8%.

What is noted is that Ms. Tebo finds it easy to just delay the inevitable such as the loans which may not be due until the next fiscal year.   That is not the correct manner in which to handle these matters.   We should be budgeting these amounts in advance so that we do not go belly up in the next fiscal year.   we need to have some retained earnings so that we are able to pay these loans for our percentages of the grants on a timely manner and not wait until the next fiscal year.   This is not the way to handle money.   We should not be handling our money matters on a Crisis Management Basis but planning ahead with a sinking fund.

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