“treating” psoriasis

I have had friends who have had psoriasis and who take drugs, but I am wondering if there is an easier method. One which will not try to kill a person just to have nice skin.

I know that this is not the same but many people today are getting foot fungus for which there are many products out there; most of which do not work and they are expensive.  I have a solution for you which also may work for psoriasis because it kills dandruff problems as well as fungus problems in just a couple of days.  It is Listerine.

A friend of mine had just one toe which was infected with the nail almost green like.
The Toe was wrapped with a band aid cloth soaked in Listerine and with a small bag filled with more Listerine in it.  Wallah; within two days, the Toe was healed and the bad portion of the nail was gone.    You may smell like Listerine but it is one of the best home remedies I have ever known, other than Lysol for puncture wound soaking.  Living on a farm as a child who worked, one gets into all kinds of things and in the old days, one did not run to doctors.  I swear half of the pills advertised and used today are more dangerous than the cure.   In any event, try Listerine.  It’s economical and it works on so many things as well as a great mouthwash which if used takes away the experience of gingivitis.

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The article I received follows:


Dear Reader,

If you spliced all of the current commercials for psoriasis drugs together, you’d have a full-length feature film!

To see what this advertising is really selling, however, turn off the sound and just watch.

All of these folks with psoriasis appear to be the most talented, fun-loving, happy, and on-the-go people ever! With Humira we can “sparkle,” “play,” and “celebrate.” Those taking Cosentyx swim, ride motorcycles, and sing!

At last count, I found 23 FDA-approved drugs for psoriasis, and they have side effects that range from deadly infections (including Legionnaire’s disease!) to severe allergic reactions, a weakening of your immune system, and various kinds of cancers.

Those are some amazingly horrific risks to ask anyone to take. For psoriasis patients, however, it’s par for the course.

And if these drugs don’t kill you first, you might actually get a shot at clearer skin.

But for years, researchers have been finding more and more evidence showing that the key to keeping psoriasis (and other autoimmune diseases) under control isn’t going to come from your doctor’s office… but your kitchen.

Now, a new study has once again confirmed how closely this condition is linked to diet. The real news here — what you won’t be seeing in a television ad — is that you don’t have to risk your life to be able to wear shorts, a swimsuit, or roll up your sleeves without being embarrassed.

Inflammation busters

At the root of this disease (and so many others that they could fill a list as long as your arm), is chronic body-wide inflammation.

Even mainstream experts agree with holistic practitioners on that one. What they don’t agree on is how to treat it.

But this new study should help drive home the point that diet is the firstplace you want to begin “treating” psoriasis — not the last.

This research out of France examined the habits of over 3,500 patients with psoriasis and found that the closer they stuck to the principles of a Mediterranean diet (which is well-known as a top-notch inflammation buster), the fewer symptoms they had. It also worked the other way around: Those whose eating habits included fewer nutrient-dense healthy foods, less veggies, and more red meat suffered from more psoriasis symptoms.

As an eAlert reader, you’ve certainly heard plenty of good news right here about the Mediterranean diet.

We’ve told you about research that found eating this way can keep your bones strong and your mind sharp… help prevent and manage heart disease… stop diabetes in its tracks… and add years to your life, even if you’re suffering from a serious medical condition.

As HSI panel member Dr. Mark Stengler so aptly says, the Mediterranean diet is the “miracle ‘drug’ the world’s been waiting for.”

Why, if Big Pharma could wrap up all those benefits and put them in a pill, could you imagine the commercials that the Madison Avenue Mad Men would come up with?

The best part is that, while this diet may have a fancy name, it’s really as simple as can be! Here’s how to start:

  • Incorporate more fish into your meals, at least four servings a week. And make sure that it’s wild-caught, not farmed.
  • Add more beans and lentils to your plate.
  • Fill your fridge with fresh fruits and veggies and enjoy as many varieties as you can every day.
  • Ditch bad oils such as canola, soy, and corn, and exclusively use olive or coconut oil.
  • Go nuts as much as possible with almonds, walnuts, and cashews.

And for other ways to beat psoriasis without resorting to risky drugs, Dr. Stengler recommends starting a program of liver detoxification with herbs such as dandelion root, taking a high-quality probiotic every day, and using aloe vera gel topically on itchy skin patches.

Everything science is now telling us points to the fact that the cure for many of the most common and devastating conditions of today can be found right on your plate!

To Saving Your Skin,

Melissa Young

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