Town Attorney Hatton gives legal opinion on Law Enforcement getting paid from Two municipal Departments

First of all, our police officers do not get paid at least a $40,000 a year average for their services with incremental raises and benefits additionally.  I realize it is a small town but the average is around $45,000 a year with benefits. That would make an officer wish to work as a police officer not only in White Springs but another agency just to have a decent life.  This is not the 80’s or 90’s..

At one time, we had complained about Chief Rodriquenz using the  Town of White Springs police vehicle to provide security under TLC at the Florida Vegetable Stand in Suwannee County.  The Town Officials answered the complaint by allowing Ms. Rodriquenz to use the police car for her personal use to and from Jacksonville, with her paying for fuel only for to and from and the Town of White Springs paying for fuel and maintenance while on the job.

However, since Ms. Rodriquenz’s accident with a motorcycle the car was provided to former Lieutenant/Detective Cecil Brownfield while he was on the job.  Cecil handled Tracy’s job better than anyone we have had.  But he was an honest and law abiding officer and although we are sorry that he left White Springs, we are happy for him that he has a job and a place to live that he is happy with.  Cecil even was a firefighter and was in Pittman’s brotherhood, willing to assist White Springs on weekends or when he had time off, until Pittman was fired.  Cecil was one of the brightest, best officers I have ever met and I must say we do miss him.

Town Attorney Hatton stated her legal findings regarding dual office holding law enforcement in two agencies.  If a police officer is paid in one agency, he or she may not be paid in another agency; therefore Police officers can’t get ahead financially by getting paid by two agencies on their off time.

Again our officers have families and they put their life on the line.  I never understood how Clerical office employees made so much when they were not management and police officers were paid a pittance.


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