This time I am including Stacy Tebo’s various options and the council implemented none

Since Ms. Tebo provided budget information to the Town Council of which the Journal received a copy, by Public Records request, Stacy listed all of the income sources for the 2019-2020 FY budget. THIS INFORMATION IS NOW BEING PROVIDED TO YOU IN PART.

She showed a Total income of $2,276,157 which included income starting the FY of $148,935. Therefore not including the income at the start of the year, the amount of income was $2,084,252 (which Loft funds were included of $192,228 but which may be used only for transportation). If Loft was taken out, our income would be $1,892,024.

Now let’s go through the expenses
$1,108,242 was included for Grant and expenses


Special Events reserve of $10,400;

Recreation expense of $5,550, General Government Expense was removed of the $2,084,252 income, Legislative expenses of

$13,159 WITH COUNCIL SALARIES CUT IN HALF Notice, the council didn’t go for cutting their salaries by one-half


Stacy dropped her planning expert Friend AND HER COST cost of $10,000 leaving $4,000 for a planning expense.

Police Department dropped Tracy’s Salary and her savings of $44,516 leaving $87,285 for Police Department expense.

Retirement Contributions $6,593,

Repairs and Maintenance $10,000 from $18,2325 after dropping one police car for maintenance;
$20,000 Operating Supplies for the police (which the tota for Police dropped from $244,535 to $121,562)

Code Enforcement Salary was to be cut as well as miscellaneous expenses, travel and training from $16674 to $5,000. This did not happen.

Animal control expenses cut by 2/3 from $1,500 to $500.
(Loft Fund Expenses of $192,228 were listed)

So the Total Expenses (keeping loft fund income and loft fund expense) were $2,347,378 without Stacy’s suggested cuts and $1,934,176 with her cuts PLUS SALARY POSITION CUTS.

$2,084,252 IN INCOME LESS $1,934,175 IN EXPENSES = $150,07I short of a balanced budget

It was stated, “After Tracy’s salary Cut and eliminating any reserve, we ar $150,077 SHORT of a Balanced Budget.”

Pam Tomlinson – Retired $47,243
Stacy Tebo – Salary cut 10% $5,700
Yvonne Bryant – Position cut $40,678
Tracy Rodriquenz – position Cut already covered in Police Expense
Shonda Werts – Position to be covered by interlocal agreement – but that didn’t happen

$128,806 in salary cuts leaving $150,076 – $128,806 = $21,270 short of a balanced budget with NO RESERVES

Another way of putting this is $2,084,252 in income LESS $1,934,175 IN EXPENSES plus income of $128,806 TAKEN OUT OR CUT -= $2,084,252 INCOME LESS $2,062,981 IN EXPENSES leaves the town $21,270 Short of a balanced budget

Per stacy “We have no choice but to take money out of the enterprise Account; how much is up to the Council”.

Although it would appear that with all the salary cuts in Stacy’s scenario, there would be $150,077 in income for salaries or other expenses, with Tommie’s salary of $55,000 consistent with the salary inclusion of Stacy’s ; BUT less the consultants $32,400 Town Attorney, $11,000 CPA Auditor; CPA forensic analyst,at $75 an hour two days a month or approximately $14,400 ($75 x 8 hours x 2 days a month x 12 months) which leaves $92,277 for Administrative costs. However, any calculations made to the council a year ago, will not be the same by reason of COVID 19 reducing State Revenues and sales Tax lowering each Municipality’s share and of course it means White Springs.

Supposedly we did have $148,935 from the 2018-2019 FY but it was probably also spent by the time Tommie Jones Joined us as Manager in October and Stacy Tebo left in early November. We have not had much of an expense for the nine months Tommie was a consultant because everyone was volunteering and as Helen Miller suggested, Tommie found a way to remove Yvonne Bryant. Will Mayor Miller find a way to remove the others? Stay tuned in.

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