This is how I assess Tebo’s skills

No intelligent hard working person would work for Stacy Tebo.  Not only has she no clue about being a Town Manager in the manner in which she has handled our budgets and funds, but she has no insight as to how to be a good manager.  When good people leave a job they are not quitting the job but are quitting the manager, especially Ms. Tebo who has a lack of ethics, no moral compass, who is arrogant and self-centered.
Ms. Tebo has no problem in throwing any one of her team members “under the bus”.  She will gladly take all the credit even for work that has been done by her predecessors while blaming employees for any failures which obliterates all trust and causes employees to cover for themselves instead of working for the best of the company.  Take Pam Tomlinson for instance and if anyone can cover up it is Pam.  She knows where all the bodies are buried, but Ms. Tebo will do nothing to correct the problems due to the fact that Ms Tebo just doesn’t care.  It’s a job; she’s making money and doesn’t have to work a lot, so as long as she gets a pay check she doesn’t care if employees make errors.  She’ll gladly blame them if she is on the line.
Ms. Tebo doesn’t have the capacity to give recognition to employees when they are doing a good job and she certainly does not motivate or respect employees professionally. Ms. Tebo not only doesn’t care about the Town of White Springs, but she doesn’t care about the employees working for her.
Ms. Tebo definitely has picked out her favorite employees and will promote some over others, giving more weight to their opinions and comments, even if the employees lie and are discriminatory not only about employees but citizens.  Other employees are quick to notice who is favored and subsequently either become upset, frustrated  or disengaged as a result. 
One thing Ms. Tebo does not do either in public or in the workplace from what we have heard is provide clear and realistic direction to employees.  Not only has she not updated their job descriptions so they are aware of their responsibilities, but she can’t seem to articulate her communications so that many can understand her.  In any event, that may be why Ms. Tebo locks herself in her office and then emails all of her communications and becomes upset if someone doesn’t see an email and doesn’t realize that they could have been extremely busy during the day while she was not.  I have never seen Ms. Tebo ever give her employees guidance and yet she has unrealistic expectations that they are supposed to learn something new by osmosis, when they have not been involved in meetings nor have they been trained appropriately..
 A good manager is always open, but that is not Ms. Tebo.  No one feels comfortable approaching her because she quite possibly could bite one’s head off.  Even the Police Chief indicated that you just don’t bother Ms. Tebo.   She furthermore doesn’t care what her employees have to offer in the way of concerns, new ideas or even criticisms because in Ms. Tebo’s world, she knows everything and her employees have nothing to offer.
 Usually Managers have to deal with conflict and the American Management Association found that 24% of a manager’s day is spent managing conflict.  But that is not Ms. Tebo’s role.  She expects her employees to deal with an arsenal of conflict and expects them to resolve all the issues because she can’t be bothered.
 No matter how Ms. Tebo criticizes her prior City Manager for calling her “emotional”, I can’t believe she doesn’t understand or recognize that she is emotional.  But she has no ability to show empathy to others, recognize or influence the emotions of others, which is an indication that she is a low emotional intelligence manager who lacks this skill, But that could also come from the fact that she doesn’t care about others.  She doesn’t even begin to make an effort to understand the needs and desires of her employees and to assist them in meeting their goals.
 Ms. Tebo is also a poor listener and definitely as a result will never get to the route of the issue.  And because she does not listen, if she responds and interrupts she probably has given the employee the incorrect solution.  Managers with poor listening skills and with Ms. Tebo, a difficult of understanding, has no chance of having a productive and effective staff, much less responding to those on the council correctly, which we have seen time and time again at meetings.
 Ms. Tebo is to arrogant to realize the value of information provided to her by council members and as a result fails to improve things as she should.  So as a result, how could one expect her to not alienate the public as well as her staff?  The only one more arrogant than she is happens to be Spencer Lofton, but he is not the Manager.
Although Ms. Tebo requires the staff to work their five day week, Ms. Tebo takes off whenever she feels like it, sometimes leaving only the administrative assistant in charge. She takes every Friday off as well as coming in late on Mondays as well as additional time not in compliance with her contract.  Ms. Tebo has never led by example, otherwise if the employees followed her example today, no work would get done at Town Hall.
I can’t even believe Ms. Tebo ever pitches in especially with the Grunt work because she feels with her MPA she is far too important.  No one wants to work for someone wh never shows up, doesn’t work themselves or acts superior, and that is our Ms. Tebo.
Ms. Tebo also lacks humility or self-awareness which also is a bad trait for a manager.  Even though she is in a position of leadership, she shouldn’t pretend like she has all the answers because pretending like she does, wastes time, valuable resources and money. She has such low self-awareness that she blames others for her own failings and can’t understand that her actions and inactions contribute significantly to the problems we currently have.
 And this is something I mentioned previously.  Ms. Tebo manages with fear and not fairness. One never knows where they stand with Ms. Tebo and most fear their jobs except for those intellectuals who finally tell Ms. Tebo they’ve had enough and they quit.“The old-style “my way or the highway” mindset of management has no place in modern society, but there are still plenty of managers, like Tebo, out there that try to lead this way. While a fear-based style might get some short-term results, the long-term negative impact will always be more substantial.
 “Keeping a bad teammate on the team is poor decision. It’s not doing any service to the weak staff member and it’s not fair to all the other staff.. It is the most dangerous and most common sign of a weak manager by suffering a poor performing staff member like Pam Tomlinson and not cutting them loose before it’s too late.” However, for Ms. Tebo, she loves weak staff members because she feels she can have some control over them through fear mainly.
Ms.Tebo is a Manager who does not feel she has to follow all the rules and do the duties which maintain a good staff.  In short, I believe she is lazy, egotistical and she feels she is entitled.  And unfortunately the council has done nothing to apprise her that she has breached her contract and she does not get any more freedoms than other personnel and employees.
Ms. Tebo has difficulty responding to employees or the public as well as a failure to follow through.  She has definitely dropped the ball in White Springs and is one of the most disorganized people I have ever come to meet. She feels everyone should keep working at capacity with just an occasional bit of guidance, while she arrives late, doesn’t come in at all and leaves early on a regular basis.  Obviously she overvalues her contribution.



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