Things have to change in White Springs

Mayor Miller made it quite clear that the Charter specifically states who has the rights to sign checks, which has not been followed by our Town Manager.

She also wishes for the Town Manager to look into the legal issues and address what needs to be done.

She indicate there needs to be oversight of the Town Managers authorization for travel.  It appears what happen at the Hamilton County Development Association has happened in White Springs but nothing has been done about these violations in White Springs.

Some activities did not make the list of findings such as accounting and procedures, audit compliance and there has been a judgment on not doing procedures.

We also need to survey the town’s boundary rather than someone pulling the figures out of the thin air.

Councilwoman Tonja brown said there needed to be more money placed for travel and training for council members.  Councilman Walter McKenzie stated if  we increase something in one area, we take money away from another area. Being as he learned so much from Ken Daniels, it would seem he would know everything there was about budgets….but of course, we have not always been given the straight scoop from our CPA so there lies the problem Councilman McKenzie.  If we get another really good accountant, you may have to relearn everything.


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