The Town is broke and even Stacy mentioned it to the Council in writing

As was mentioned in the previous blog article, the items we know the Town will receive consist of the following: Ad Valorem Tax of $73,000, Cell Tower Rental Fees of $20,092 and Electric Franchise Fees of $44,000. This totals $137,000.

Now if we can count on Sales and Use Tax (not including the $192,228 for LOFT funds, we anticipated Discretionary Sales Tax on a monthly basis totalling $69,188; Communication Service Tax of $21,702, half cent sales tax of $38,252 and State Revenue Sharing of $38,064. With COVID-19, I would not be assured that we would generate as much on Sales Tax or State Revenue Sharing, so it is something we will have to wing. Nevertheless the Total shown for Sales and Use Tax with the exception of LOFT is $167,206

Let’s take the $137,000 of assured funds and add it to the possible funds of $167,206. We then have a total estimated revenue of $304,206, in the General Fund.

Let’s then subtract the Administrative Salaries and Charges consisting of insurance FICA etc of $80,093; Town Council Expense of $19,591; $162,544 General Government Expense; $212,331 Police Department Expense. $14,674 Code Enforcement Expense; $1,500 Animal Control Expense and $179,477 Road and Street Expense and we end up with expenses of $670,210 and income of $304,206 per Stacy’s budget. Therefore, I can understand why she moved the Administrative Salaries to the Enterprise account of $80,093 to make the Total $590,117. Notice I did not place the fire departments income nor expense since they need what they earn to be functional.

Looking at the $304,206 in income and subtracting $80,093 in Administrative Salaries and charges which is taken from the Enterprise Account, our expenses, excluding the fire department outweigh our income by $205,911 ($590,117 – 304,206 = $285,911) so we have used whatever we received like licenses and permits of $4,450, Miscellaneous revenue from surplus items of $2,500, as well as grants to balance. So from the budgets received, our Administration Charges were taken out of the Enterprise Budget, instead of taking $50-55,000 out of the Enterprise Account and moving it to the General Fund. I don’t feel that is a good tradeoff whatsoever. but it is all Stacy Tebo could do because she also warned the council that we did not have the money. She abided by what Mayor Miller wanted to do and it may look good to some who have not rally read the budget but essentially we took over $80,000 out of the Enterprise account to pay for administration. We are still taking away from the enterprise account. As Ken Daniels stated, we are broke Ladies and Gentlemen, and we have been broke for some time.

Stacy’s idea was to retire Pam Tomlinson, cut her own salary by 10%, remove Yvonne Bryant’s position, Cut Ben Fry’s position. By doing so, it cut some $128,806 leaving $150,076 – $128,806 or $21,270 short of a balanced budget with no reserves.

Mayor Miller’s idea was to make Tommie Jone’s a consultant and he would work only 20 hours a week so she didn’t have to pay benefits. Yet, anyone working under 30 hours a week does not receive benefits and that is what most employers did when Obama made the requirements he did on employers. Then she is seeking a clerk for a part-time position and I assume the clerk is also going to be the bookkeeper. Beverly Brazil was a volunteer for most of those months so very little pay went out. Then the planning committee needs a Planner we can’t afford.

My idea is to get rid of the Police Department which has not really provided protection for White Springs which would save us some $62,000 if the Sheriff’s department would again quote us $150,000 for two officers. Sell the police vehicles, etc and no longer have any extra expenses associated with the Police Department. The Sheriff’s department follows laws and they have no biases against certain people while allowing some to get away with murder. If one officer would be decided upon it could not be Tracy Rodriquenz and Brandon Marsh because they do not follow the law and make false reports more than once, and not just about the Griffins. Officer Marsh is looking for a better job anyway and this would allow him to keep looking instead of him and the chief watching for baby alligators. The officer who is a firefighter would be great to retain because he is versatile and we have only heard good things about him (Dawson?). A town of this size only needs one officer to work with the Sheriff’s department under contract.

Get rid of the Excavator and possibly even the backhoe. But at least the Backhoe has been paid for and we never needed the excavator or its trailer.

We also need to sell the old Jail police Department building. We charge only $300 a month and haven’t had a renter for two or three years. That $300 doesn’t even cover the Property Insurance including Hurricane, much less the liability, utilities and the maintenance. The council agreed to sell it but Walter McKenzie wanted double the price for which the building is not worth it. Dennis Price gave a fair offer but the Town would not take it. Now he has the most adorable garage between the old firehouse owned by Scott Gay and his own residence.

It is like the councilors never build in their costs when they lease things out and this story is getting a little thin. It is time you looked out for the Town’s people. And there has been so much mouth service but nothing has been done and frankly the more I see, I am starting to respect Stacy far more than anyone gave her credit for. And she could handle her job in a half day and provide the council information. And we now know she was absolutely correct about Anita Rivers. Who would have thought it.

You need to get rid of Code Enforcement, The woman is rude especially to white folks, she doesn’t know what she is talking about, and she goes on other people’s property without permission which is trespassing. She needs to go and we don’t even have a magistrate. I believe working with Hamilton County on a large case or two would be better because their Code Enforcement officer is a far more honest man that doesn’t look to damage people but to assist them in finding a solution.

We can’t afford to hire a planner. We do not have the money.

We need mosquito control more than we need animal control which is done in the spring.

We can’t afford the additional community center and should return the money but of course, we owe for the engineering work.

Somebody needs to work with Tommie Jones on the Wastewater Revitalization project so he knows where he stands. Did anyone tell him where all the loan papers are and what he can expect. I know Stacy said no one has to worry about the loans until the end of the fiscal year, and that $3000 plus for the loan on the Wastewater project is listed but is that monthly, quarterly or what. We do not know and we know Stacy approached various banks and the one she finally ended up with is some bank I have never heard of.

Get the workers compensation classes figured out and use the correct payrolls. By selling surplus insurance like police vehicles except for one, it would save us a lot of money as well as money on the insurance for police officers.

I agree with Stacy Tebo, Ben Fry was the last one to be hired he should be the first one to go leaving Ray and Curtis.

Ray needs to get his water and wastewater certifications so we do not have to keep an independent contractor on staff for another year.

The Town Council needs to no longer take salaries. If they care about the Town and the people who elected them, they will do their job for free.

If the Town wishes to recapture its money, go after Ken Daniels for malpractice; you have enough documentation whereby he told you to utilize the money wrongly. Unfortunately Rhett as an attorney may also be pulled into this one. As Stacy said, when you have two attorneys (Hatton and Bullard) plus a CPA telling you you can spend LOFT money on salaries and other things, who am I to question them…and sorry to say, she was right on that point, even though she could probably read the statutes better than they could..

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