The Special Meeting was as much chaotic as Saturday’s party in my opinion

White Springs Special Meeting
Town Hall Conference Room
You May Also Join by Phone
Friday, August 21, 2020 6:00 p.m.

The fact that the Town Hall Conference Room is open as well as joining by phone is one of the most ridiculous things Tommie Jones or Helen Miller could have thought of. First of all, if you are not on a Telephone, the acoustics are not audible sufficiently to understand what is being said at Town Hall. Not only the Attorney but Helen Miller indicated she had difficulty hearing. The rest of us definitely did and since Tommie Jones shuts down the ability for a citizen to speak by telephone, even if a citizen could complain about this travesty of the lack of transparency in government, not a sound would be heard.

Thus not only taking one’s constitutional rights away but a blatant ignorance of the Sunshine Law is commonplace with this new council and Helen Miller obviously has no control. And the councilors don’t even announce their name before speaking and everyone speaks at one time and argues every one else’s points of view even if this meeting was set up as a brainstorm of what could be done. .

The special meeting was called by Councilwoman Jackie Williams. She was asked by Mayor Miller to explain why the meeting was called. And of course, it is similar to our curfew situation. By statistics, White Springs population should only have one full time and one half time police officer. But in White Springs we have four and these four will not run to help you but will run away from any adversity. In fact it is a continual problem that the only people these weak kneed police officer will take after are young people they can control or physically challenged people. Everyone knows how weak our police officers, but the Williams family continually fights for curfews and more police to handle White Springs problems after all Tracy Rodriquenz is their friend and she will lie her butt off for her friends while trying to incarcerate everyone else.

Joe and I were out of town but apparently there was a Party that started with our own citizens and then was joined by multiple out of towners. They were young and Black and Ms. Williams said that people from the other areas were the cause of the chaos last Saturday. A young lady was shot, whether intentional or accidently but it appeared it was just a flesh wound and not serious. Jackie said that anyone getting shot is considered critical. Plus there was a vehicular accident of some sort and apparently the Fire Department responded. Jackie thanked the Fire Department and explained how the Police Department could not gain access to the street with multiple of calls coming in and cars coming in and out of driveways.

By the way, what I did understand is that Chief Pittman stated that the White Springs Fire Rescue has not received a cent from Hamilton County which is ridiculous. Henry Land indicated that all Chief Pittman had to do was to contact him and go over the reports to assure that what was stated was done. But no, I am certain “I am the Town Manager” will not allow a department head to contact people he works with; and obviously our Town Attorney has not yet contacted Hamilton County. This is sad indeed.

In order to handle this party town by outside people, it was suggested that an ordinance be made based upon noise since every cannon base apparently was up to its max upsetting other people in the community. This would be based upon Disturbing the Peace. Another suggestion was making people who plan to party, secure a permit and of course, instead of the Carver School area, it was suggested the ball field be used for parties.

Our Town Attorney said it right. Although we can draft an ordinance, what happened Saturday night was a criminal activity and it should be handled by Law Enforcement. There were many infractions; illegal drugs, pot, use of handguns and selling alcohol. And I may not have heard this correctly because one really could not hear what was going on at Town Hall, but Chief Rodriquenz apparently walked into the thick of it and apparently there was fear for her safety and life. She carries two guns and shoot one in the air to get everyone’s attention; hopefully the Town can afford tear gas which should be used for crowds. And because White Springs has such a bad reputation, we can’t get other counties to assist us. I know when there was an incident Joe called in, we had a Jasper officer here in 20 minutes. But this Town is a Crime haven and now even Jennings is joining the ranks.

Sheriff Harry Reid indicated that the Sheriff’s office does not have the manpower. It was indicated that the sheriff believed that White Springs provided a permit for Saturday night’s party and Mayor Miller said that she would write a letter to Sheriff Reid correcting that assumption.

No one is going to secure a permit to have a party 14 days in advance for over 50 people attending. We are lucky that our town is so small that we are not having the riots which are happening in Seattle, Portland and now Racine Wisconsin. I keep hearing the woes of those who are Black saying they are picked on, but who is the one perpetrating the crimes?

Mainly Blacks are the criminal perpetrators and even when I lived in Minneapolis, a detective friend said they did not investigate many of the Black Crimes which was in the 90% range because the departments were asked to make White and Black crimes more even statistically. What a crock. And you wonder why police officers seem to target you.

Now with the Black Lives matter situation, Antifa, etc. you burn down taxpayer buildings, damage vehicles and other properties and think you have been treated unfairly. Obviously you are and have not been taxpayers but are on welfare using other people’s money because if it was your money, you would not be trying to demolish everything. Yes the Floyd case was bad and the officers involved have been arrested. That is not the usual case. But with all the Black Crime and defunding of our police, you now have police officers who are afraid of going after Blacks and as a result the Blacks are injuring and killing police without any repercussions. You do not even see Muslims with a whole different ideology doing what our own Black young people are doing and I blame parents for that.

Even our councilors are hypocrites. After all Councilwoman William’s Son shot someone who ultimately died while he was attempting a robbery. And I remember how she told me that she loved her children and turned him in. But he is not the only of her children who has been wielding a gun. You can love a child but if you do not provide values and spare the rod, you are spoiling them and they will never achieve greatness….and they will add to the statistics so that the Goood Blacks will never get a fair shake. It is disgusting. And these children see nothing but lies their parents provide to others so they themselves will learn to lie at a young age. Shame on you all.

Various suggestions were made like social media surveillance, roadblocks, and keeping close communication with Columbia, Suwannee and Hamilton County law enforcement to be able to secure backup. But it came back to a permit. If we had a permit, we would have additional money for extra police officers. Or we can get a Hamilton county Sheriff Deputy dedicated to the event.

Attorney Meagan Logan then came back again and indicated a Noise ordinance is not a problem to enact It is however a Civil citation for $250 or $500 a citation. An ordinance is only false security and is not going to take away the problem. One has to take one step further and arrest the individuals. This is a law enforcement problem and no ordinance will take care of it but of course we don’t have officers that dare to go in the areas of adversity. Like I said, they prefer taking after the weak, elderly and physically challenged so they can be the tough guys. The Polie Department probably couldn’t blow their noses without asking Nikki Williams for permission and what is sad is they believe her lies. What part of the actions, even a fine of $250, would be meaningful? We need to have the police do their job. 600 people is mass chaos. It doesn’t have the way, by a noise ordinance with a penalty to make it painful. The Two chiefs are to send another letter to the Sheriff’s office.

I know that Chief Pittman also spoke about additional equipment required by the Fire Department but I was as was Joe, unable to hear what was discussed and even after he spoke there were arguments with people talking over each other so it sounded like a fight situation and it continued after Helen Miller adjourned the meeting.

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