The RHATT Pack Watch Day 100

#The RHATT Pack Watch#

Day 100


Today is Friday, August 3rd, Day 100 of the Rhatt  Pack Watch. 



Welcome to White Springs; Florida’s dirty little secret. White Springs, quite possibly, the Home of the Most Destroyed Town Resources, Assets and Activities in the history of the State of Florida.

Municipalities often face perils, generally from natural forces, which leave destruction and indelible scars in their wake.  These natural disasters tend to occur ver short, but finite, time periods.  Damage can be assessed and rebuilding initiated immediately.  However, a Ratt infested Administration brings forth its destruction over an endless period.   It picks away destroying resource after resource, asset after asset, and actifvity after activity unt il there is nothing left to destroy.  The damage can be total.  There are very few pieces to pick-up, only difficult and painful rebuilding to undertake, and a slow recovery in the very distant future to look forward to.

Apparently,  recovering from a natural disaster is far easier and more straight forward than recovering from a Ratt infestation.  Let’s take a look at what the Red-face Ratt, the Druggie Lapdog, “Just keep paying me” Tebow, Gang of Three” members  Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and Suck-up “I’m your Boy” Lofty, “Cousin” Pam “The Embezzler”, Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve “the  Conflict of Interest man”, and “Fire Marshall Cousin” Andrew, “The Evidence Destroyer” have done for White Springs.  And keep in mind, every single day for the past three years, they have stolen, wasted or misused at least $1,000 of your money.  That’s over $1,000,000!

There is so much destruction by the Ratt, his Ratt-infested Administration and “Cousins”, its demoralizing:

  •  When the Ratt came into power, he noticed the State had provided the Welcome Center, the Delegal Building and associated land to the Town for its use.  The land was for a Museum building and assets donated to White Springs by the Camp Family.  Since a Ratt “Cousin” wanted the Welcome Center and the Camp building, the Ratt, after deceiving the Town Council, liquidated both assets destroying many potential jobs for White Springs.  Of course, everything fell through;
  • Water and Sewer plants are automated processes.  They require electricity, chemicals and a daily, less than an hour at each facility, operational check.  To reward “Cousin” Andrew for destroying evidence being sought by Law Enforcement related to “Cousin” Bobby, the Ratt Instructed his Lapdog to employ Cousin Andrew full time for this position, thereby stealing tens of thousands per year of your dollars.  Also, through an elaborate scheme, more than $100,000 were embezzled, thereby destroying the financial reserves of these entities;
  • Concurrently, the Ratt delayed contacts and progress on the sewer rehabilitation project.  These delays destroyed State Financing that would have saved White Springs nearly $500,000.
  • Since the Ratt did not want the White Springs Police near his lair when he and his “Cousins” were partying, the Ratt neutered the Police Department and limited their activities to traffic duties, thereby destroying it;
  • When Mindless threw a tantrum because she wasn’t in charge of the May Day Celebration, the Ratt and Lapdog joined with her in an effort to regulate and over police May Day to death;
  • The Department of Juvenile Justice selected White Springs for iit’s Invest in Children project.  Since Mindless, the  Ratt and Lapdog had no part in securing the program and were not the center of attention, they destroyed the opportunity and threw White Springs Children under the bus;
  • Again to reward “Cousin” Andrew for destroying evidence, the Ratt not only destroyed the White Springs Fire Department but gave Cousin Andrew a free vehicle and Town credit cards to him.
  • When Code Enforcement officer John Davis elected to follow the law rather than accede to Mindless’ illegal demands to punish a private citizen, Mindless threw one of her ritual tantrums and demanded the destruction of Statutorily required Code Enforcement;
  • You may have noticed the  HOPE bus for sale.  Since Mindless’ heart-throb Suck-up wasn’t the center of attention, Mindless “out of Spite” and in a fit of rage demanded of the Ratt and Lapdog that the entire HOPE program be destroyed.  Of course they complied and began liquidating HOPE assets.  Since the HOPE activities had been entirely privately funded, all new donations were transferred to a lake City entity and a Summer program for kinds;
  • Fuel tax revenues for transportation projects have been pouring into White Springs.  In the last three years $500,000 has been siphoned away or evaporated destroying every potential transportation project.

But look at the good news, even with all  of the destruction undertaken by the Ratt, his Ratt-infested Administration and “Cousins” White Springs still has two blinking lights the Ratt has missed.  Everything they’ve done demonstrates incompetence, unethical behavior and illicit activities.  With a half dozen State and Federal Agencies investigating their every move, the Ratt Pack has begun to roll over on each other.  If you have any information that will help any of these Agencies, get it to them now.  Try starting with the Feds.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.

Secure your wallet from the Ratt! It’s day 100 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

Rat Pack by mazeo

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